Enhance Breast Milk Foods

Enhance Breast Milk Foods

The majority of mothers who are breastfeeding their babies when they are worried about getting enough time to take milk. The amount of milk produced by the body, the baby in the mother can not be controlled, such as the amount of food given “insufficient milk production” concern is quite normal.

But to produce enough breast milk to the baby must say this case is a very rare condition. Another problem experienced by breastfeeding women, infants that are bound to make milk each.

For example, If the baby is, if you are removing the milk or gas, or a day when at least one day so that mothers tend not connect anything to drink milk or eat by itself insufficient milk. In most cases it is not the cause of the baby’s breastfeeding behavior.

If you are fed in such a way that your doctor recommends and to reduce the milk or the foods known to lower the quality of your milk is very likely if you stay away from your baby drinks will be sufficient. During this period, again in consultation with your doctor, known to increase the mother’s milk you can get some help from the food.

It is known as the Mother Dairy Foods Increase

Fenugreek Seed: Indian cuisine and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine fenugreek seeds can help to improve the mother’s milk. Some research suggests that regular breast milk significantly in increasing consumption of fenugreek for 2 weeks.

Fennel: Published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology that cause hormonal changes, according to a research anethole, dianethol and photoanethol in terms of rich fennel, estrogen and prolactin, which stimulates the production of breast milk needed to.

Dill: a close relative of dill fennel can help to hormonal changes that support healthy breast milk production.

Considered as a traditional food that Increase Breast Milk

The following foods, in various societies Although there is no scientific research on the effects of breast milk are among foods that are recommended for women who are breastfeeding and have traditionally been consumed for centuries.

Black sesame: in calcium it is believed to help increase breast milk rich with black sesame seeds. You can use sesame seeds in your meal that contains some minerals like copper than calcium.

Cummin: After the birth of cumin which is thought to encourage milk production in terms that are important to strengthen the mother is rich in iron.

Barley: It can be used to increase the rice and soup made with barley lactation. Barley’s direction to increase the mother’s milk is traditionally consumed for centuries by mothers who are breastfeeding despite the absence of any scientific research results.

In particular it is believed that the combination of barley and fennel improve the quality of milk.

Basil: regulate the digestive system, with a calming effect and can be consumed in supplement form it as a good source of vitamin K with basil dinner or tea.

Green Vegetables: An excellent source of vitamins and minerals beans, spinach, beet greens and green vegetables such as asparagus can increase lactation. These greens also helps digestion and strengthens the body.

Red and Orange Vegetables: Beta-carotene-rich carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and other red, orange vegetables can help improve the quality of breast milk.

Garlic: Breast-feeding mothers because of the smell of the baby will not like the thought, but on the contrary increase the baby’s suckling period garlic also helps the mother to take the necessary vitamins and minerals for the quality of milk by opening the appetite.

Oat: Dietary fiber, iron, and is a very popular food among nursing mothers oats are rich in calcium.

Prepare yourself and nuts oat porridge to improve the nutritional value of porridge, milk, fruit or spices.

Oils: Olive oil, such as linseed oil and sesame oil is believed to aid lactation healthy oil. These fats also increase the energy of the mother.

Warnings and Precautions

● If your baby go to a specialist immediately began or is not gaining weight.
● Excessive stress can reduce the quality of milk. Therefore, you should find some ways to relieve yourself.
● Infants require an average of 20-45 minutes to suck milk.
● Disease period may be reduced milk production.
● Breast feeding may reduce the pill used during the production of milk.
● any vitamin supplements said to increase breast milk or herbal products before taking consult your doctor.
● It is important for nursing mothers to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.
● Fatigue can affect milk production negatively.

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