Ear Pain Symptoms and Treatment

Ear Pain Symptoms and Treatment

What is good for earache how is it treated?

Ear pain is especially one kind of pain that increases the impact when we fall asleep at night. Ear pain can cause serious damage caused by the.

Ear pain we seen particularly in infants has become a nightmare for adults. Momentary or constant pain which is evocative of the kind we often sleep on us to waste our night.

Only in head injury itself is not our ears to the body can cause ear pain.


Ear pain are the most important cause of middle ear and outer ear infections. The middle ear is caused by blockage of the eustachian tube connects the nasal cavity in the case of the late middle ear infection treatment can cause several problems with the senses.

● Sinusitis
● Cold
● Pollution of sea water and pool water, especially in summer
● In aircraft, sea diving, mountain climbing pressure occurring in trauma
● Ear cleaning to be done
● Dental caries
● Why are the main causes of ear pain as well as various jaw problems.



● Swelling
● Erythema
● Stream
● Dizziness
● Fire
● Loss of hearing, are among the symptoms.


Certainly you should consult your doctor for treatment of ear pain. You do not have the opportunity to go to the hospital or go to the hospital if you are forced to postpone medical care by applying good to your ear pain in your home until the next field, several methods are available to prevent the increase of pain.

● First activate your chewing and swallowing reflex. This type of exercise will allow the air flow by opening the Eustachian canal and will be good for ear pain.
● Heating, placing a towel to your ear you heat with the help of blow dryer or iron and can help reduce pain by keeping your ears warm you.
● Do not use if you are smoking, if you do not use it to stay away from environments that are exposed to smoke will be good for ear pain.
● The weather was windy and you have to prevent the triggering of the aching pain by protecting your ears from the wind go out.
● Do not clean your ears with buds.
● Do not use any object to scratch your ear.
● Pay attention to water consumption.
● Stay away from your ears in noisy environments will cause more fatigue.
● Mix lemon juice and pure water to drip a few drops in your ear.
● Rub olive oil to sink to the ears with cotton.
● Ear drops, but you definitely hear you thinking it was of benefit to your doctor to confirm that you use on your head.

All the good ones come to this number with ear pain are advised to be good to use in consultation with your doctor. Consult your doctor can still use them outside herbal treatments which we share below.

Olive oil: Olive oil can provide quick relief in case of an ear ache. Oil cleaners ear infections may play a role in particular. Olive oil can also help to stop the buzzing sensation in the ear.

You can apply 1-2 drops dripping into your ears. Alternatively, put firmly into the dipping oil and cotton ears. Able to apply olive oil cotton ear. At the same time, you can use mustard oil.

Garlic: Garlic ear infections and for the treatment of pain caused by infection.

You can drop sound mixing 1-2 drops of garlic oil is obtained by heating the sesame oil.

The clove oil may be a useful addition.

Onion: Onion, is among the used home remedies for ear pain. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties Onion plays an important role in the treatment of the problem.

Grated onion extract onion in a tablespoon of water and heat to a gentle simmer. Then drops 2-3 times a day 1-2 drops into the affected ear.

Hot Water Bottle: You can put a bottle full of hot water in the inflamed ear. You can do this with the help of a hot towel. Hot water bottle or towel to hold to your ear for a few minutes.

Ginger: Ear infections can be useful in the treatment of ginger because ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known as an excellent natural painkillers.

Extract the aching ear drops of fresh ginger juice and 1-2 drops. Mix with olive oil and freshly grated ginger root Besides thoroughly after use as a drop filter.

Mint Leaves: Mint leaf and mint oil is used in the treatment of ear pain.

Mint leaves in boiling, then cooled water may drip 1-2 drops in your ear. It may be useful in the healing of ear pain.

This is the peppermint oil with cotton next to your ear or ear cleaner can apply.

Basil: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties due basil, it serves in the treatment of ear pain in general.

Remove the water by pressing a few basil leaves and a few drops in your ear. Repeat 1-2 times a day.

Neem: Neem plant is highly effective against infection. There is also help to reduce pain in the ear anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Apply a few drops of neem leaves in water 1-2 removing your aching ear. Besides, close your ears 2-3 drops on cotton, cotton check after waiting a few minutes.

Obtained from neem leaf oil / water application can treat ear pain in a short time.

Note: The oil from small particles make sure you’re getting the absolute purification. Otherwise you may cause damage to parts of the membrane into the ear or ear blockage.

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