Deception Psychology and Therapy

Deception Psychology and Therapy


I want to share a joke before the subject analysis.
A woman who sociologist research on an international scale, the world’s asked a question of women in various countries.
What do you do if you catch your husband with another woman?
Questions to the responses by country were as follows:

Swede: I asked what they did not like me.
Russian: I would leave the house.
French: I remove my voice, my love goes I want to console me.
Italian: I shot the woman.
Spanish: I shot my husband.
Greek: I hit them both.
Turkey: My husband does!

What is cheating? Generally what is seen in humans?

Deception subject, always maintained its centuries-long shoot in society. Some communities have changed shape to justify infidelity, while some were banned direct.

So, what was also recently sat on this agenda, we began to hear so much. In fact, although it may seem hidden in society “cheat” word, the woman’s job to enter the life, power gain, is easier to achieve the opposite sex to men, to find the force leaving women against men, reducing the male hormonal Mention of society just because of reasons such as dealing with the infidelity of women the increase was inevitable.

In addition, the ordinary of the relationship, the reduction of value given to the relationship, the relationship between people’s egos area was an increase in infidelity due to the conversion of the area to satisfy.

The lack of people’s problem-solving skills, buy new rather than repair something that is broken or to correct someone else, society that the male-dominated and male infidelity polygamy right to social reasons arising from the fact that construction has increased as legitimate.

In fact, our country is the cause of the problem of defining an increase of deception. We live in an uproar. Our most questions you have to answer is whether living things is deception. It must therefore be drawn to deceive the border.
Deception is a binding problem. It mainly occurs in people showing more narcissistic response. Higher self sees, observed that such thinking is superior by his wife and those around, they see closer to deceive people in the community itself so the comments field.

More common in people dependent. Can not solve the problems in the relationship, but also those who can not break away, while problems due to deceive dragged the other hand, self-confidence and can not finish because of a relationship or marriage remain the only concern.

When people put the name mislead, to know the reasons, he wants to solve the problem. Deceive? – Is it infidelity? “Nothing happens without a time”, “no problem unless there is emotional”, “I see you but you love is important,” “let him speak, but you do not touch”, etc. You hear a variety of comments and remarks like. The main problem is how people live in conditions detected by dr.
In my research I saw that a common definition. If I cheat on my personal definition as follows; It should be made in life and need an activity with outside partners in the sense of physical and emotional infidelity called on all private shares. Which is important here is whether the share is private. Failure to fully define the deception, deceived and being deceived mania is associated with perceived in very different ways. It reveals the diversity of this kind of deception detection.

Virtual Infidelity:

This is the kind of deception that shows the explosion last 10 years. Virtual sex is a virtual sensuality deception. After all, there’s someone in your life and if you are someone with you in private shares fall into this deception. Virtual life, as the virtual environment, and feel as if they lived with is real. The limits on the basis of deceit and increases the virtual definition, there is still the problem.

Emotional Infidelity:Sexual Infidelity:

In fact, with all kinds of people in senior sex spouses even if it may have sexual infidelity. So why? Always it has been perceived as a strength and to prove himself in our society for men to get a woman. In particular, the most beautiful is the most difficult to achieve prestige indicator men. All claims for the relationship to last, to look at in this way in the growing world of media inevitably many married women and men (except biological structure) always shows susceptibility to deception.


Unnamed, not formally put the name may seem like a social relationship, a form of relationship based on mutual admiration and attention. Both the pleasures and the motivation of this type of communication-like relationship also. Unknown, risk factors are present will emerge for a relationship here. Flirtatious approaches, motivate people, provides comfort and freedom. There is nothing on the one hand. On the one hand there is mutual admiration. Shares, verbal and behavioral counts of deception as long as we do not have concrete.

Why do people cheat?

Trump Malen psychology is seen as a major dynamic in the relationship between sexuality need hormonal structure. Most men complain as far as we can see in our families, our consultants come to us and that is the point of sexuality. One of the underlying causes of male infidelity is using her husband’s sexuality as a weapon or ammunition. To succumb to male sexuality also attempts to deceive feel needy. Similarly, women may attempt to deceive in order to win the attention and love of man. Sexuality be used as a trump card, it is indicative of a high degree of vulnerability and hidden rage. If sexuality is used as leverage by one spouse, the other side and is seen as having deprived the right to deceive the sense of exclusion. Both acts as both are perceived as deserved punishment of deprivation.


Complex people want to be strong in all ages and interests. Such cases can be resorted to deception to feel good. Especially with small self-realizing this event would still be happy to see more people in terms of their work. in the age close to menopause-andropause period it experienced infidelity in men and women with young partners. Refuse to accept old age, to prove himself, the men and women who want to gain confidence is uncommon.
We see the tabloid press very often; men of advanced age or length show with women’s young lover, ignoring the years and is still a behavior done to show that popular. It is also a challenge to read the meaninglessness of life and fear of death such deception.

Psychological Causes

People’s basic needs to be accepted socially, to appreciation, approval, to trust and to be loved. People unhappy himself, trivial, feel worthless when it searches for remedies to resolve their basic needs, to give value to it someone else will make her happy. And risky behavior of men and women with depression as well as drag it to deceive particular feeling of self-worth.

Both see the value check to see that both are still interested in making a positive impact in patients with depression. (A kind of antidepressant effect.)

Men, women, pregnancy, postpartum and depression, which can record deception than expected interest and see sexuality.

Caught cheating behavior will continue as long as people always think the fact that the results; but it does not exceed the internal conflict. Usually conscientious discomfort after infidelity occurs. Subsequently also revealed a sense of guilt. Sometimes the person to feel better spouse / lover looks for errors. As he makes the mistake of thinking that he will pay for itself if people feel better. itself the cause of infidelity infidelity in people outside of dayandırdık other reason for him to feel better, like to see the error of constant spouse or partner. Otherwise wife to be perfect, it increased the conscience of cheating discomfort. Deceives people, his wife as long as he behaves well may feel worse. In this case, the separation can ask for more because of the unrest.

Relational (marriage) Reasons

The movement of the problems experienced in marriage and relationships of co-creates some of the reasons that led to the deception. Some of them are below.

● Trying to get under control and domination
● indifferent and irresponsible wife
● sexual response and rejection
● continuous bottom making, passivity.
● The presence of dependent spouse or narcissistic personality
● love to get married, the only qualifications for owned living relationship (money, career, shape, status, etc.)
● authority wars
● selfish wife
● After the children role in the loss of their spouses. (equivalent to just forget about being a mother or father)
● high expectations and disappointments
● psychological problems and personality structure
● who grow up with parents who cheated-cheated-witness

What dutifully People Alive?

Cuckold person, self-sufficient, dislikes, sees interest as one uninteresting. who have suffered injustice as a result of this, and in an angry spouse who wants to tap partners. Cuckold people in the “wish” are too. labor expended in relation to time, his sacrifice, showed loyalty and so on. All through his mind like a movie strip. At the same time in an attempt to deceive the person has cheated, not to deceive the main purpose is revenge.
In relationships where the only reason a person’s spouse in sexual and emotional infidelity in the sense of not reaching saturation. From his childhood in one growing feelings of worthlessness can cheat to satisfy these feelings in an appropriate environment. Sometimes people do it for a momentary thrill.
Deceives people are actually poor people can not say. It would be more accurate to see it as a crime and not as a deviation. Whether experienced infidelity of a cheating incident can not be considered the observations made from the outside. With a sense of discomfort felt by the deceived are parallel; you how much you are uncomfortable, that event is so much deception.


In some cases, people can not afford dutifully results and the psychological effects of heavy thinking ignores or rejects the case. This situation is brought back to the agenda at the same time heated by dutifully in the years ahead. So the place and did not receive a timely response indicates grew by causing discomfort and psychological self. For example, in research, deceived It was seen as a major cause of depression. In such cases you should receive support from experts.

Married people usually will not put at risk the marriage, calling one would expect a lot from him. Both women and men this is unavoidable. On the one hand guarantee the future of the area itself and the protection of marriage, on the other hand these memories outweigh the desire to live happily. In fact, to be done, happiness and instead seek out endless instant pleasures, to improve the marriage.

The rise in the socio-economic status of one of the parties may give rise to deception as well. One spouse may want to overcome it with the other spouse infidelity when he saw himself inaccessible. It also expresses her anger that way.

Cuckold people the grief of some authors, parents lose their match with sadness. Life is passing before your eyes as the film strip. Cuckold people not only relieve, analyze and should receive expert support for proper interpretation.

Cuckold person thoughts and feelings

● insignificance
● regret
● guilt
● despair
● anger
● weakness

This should work within the framework of basic emotions and thoughts dutifully working with people. Temporary solutions are not feeling well, cause permanent ruins.

Deception in the tabloid press, is encouraging although it is a bad example. Generally happy life after cheating always be deceived. In fact, they live in the report also mentioned that though the deceived and deceiver may be reduced if incentive effect has been criticized rather than praised. Making the program as if nothing happened to the husband or wife cheating someone out to live the next day thought-provoking.

Finish in the relationship and cheating?

Emotional strength to cope with the trauma experienced by the people, possibility to resolve the problems, partner-confidence, protection and recovery request relationship is a road map. The important thing is to finish or not to finish, is the solution of the problem. In this stage, to share the situation with the right people and resources that are important for the fate of the third party the right to choose. For example, the proposal will likely have deceived a woman from a friend a feminist perspective “is leaving.”

You do not need to in a hurry karardır.acel end the relationship with deception. You can leave whenever you want anyway. But if you continue with a healthy predecessor is the monitoring process will be completed. Those who think that the problem is solved when separated, lived in big trouble after leaving. Condolences to the deception because most of the questions remain unanswered for long. From overcoming the effects, without answering the question, should the decision be taken without analysis.

What can be done?

Deceives people resolve this situation before and wants to pick up the relationship, “yes, I cheated, all the flaws it” should be. No healing without acceptance. Much like disease. patients that the drug does not accept them, and there is no treatment to heal.

Instead of making fiction When in doubt, an appropriate environment, talk to your partner with a clear tone of voice and body language to communicate.

Talk about what we feel. Crime and creates the only defense to account. If you cheated precise, spoke to him. Why not make decisions without listening to and explanation.

Before I describe the events of the 3rd person, we need to solve yourselves. Do not leave after telling a result may become mandatory. Some people only see the separation of essential tasks for events that occur. He thinks people expect it from him, around you; “Why are you still together, what more do you expect” may annoy you even if you keep the relationship as sensations.

Cuckold person, always self-blame should search. Whatever the reasons are not destined to be deceived.

After deceived continues to sexuality is not afraid to win the confidence indicator of the deceived and lost. Although conflict continue to have sex with him emotionally. unless he wanted sex, there should be deceived in the process. while dutifully it should not be used as leverage sexuality.

Cheating is not a sex characteristic. People’s upbringing and childhood, social structure is characterized by expectations from marriage or relationship defines it. deceived the people, it is also disconnected from the analytical loading all of the opposite sex this error.

You’re a perfect match even deceive you and your partner is his problem properties. Each issue of marriage infidelity is not 100% indicator. infidelity, the cheating must not ignore the weakness.

Men’s by enlarging mother “lion’s son, do what you want, do not you girls do” suggestions, such as reducing loyalty. Always and always thought that you would find a better alternative. Need to pay attention to the cultivation of the way to prevent this kind of narcissistic self-development.

Deception is not a problem and all connected. Sometimes you can cheat on you if you ever have a problem. This is due to reasons outside of you. Do not blame yourself not change the result.

If you cheat on your wife and if you do it again. but if you regret your wife tell it..

“Once you always cheat cheating” it is not a correct analysis.

If you continually deceived, and you get the healthy or support to your spouse or to leave. As time progresses, it may impair the mental health of both parties.

Even if your partner has cheated on you never share it with your children. take your children with you, it can not remove this marriage is always right. Even if you cheated to cheat for revenge. This creates a great sense of worthlessness in the future for you.

If you feel happy and your spouse is cheating on yourself, based on feelings of worthlessness or hidden anger in you it is available. Basically feeling worthless are temporary is it worth seeing at regular intervals instead of trying to close the healthiest receive psychotherapy.

Deception is the official cause of divorce. As criminal, as well as deceiving the person who caused it (3rd party) it is due for criminal law. deceive the wake of the emotional and physical distress for receiving support are required. take alcohol, to ignore, to fall asleep, to hold the drug does not provide instant comfort and condolence end if.

Deception event, for a relationship to redesign the relationship seen as aftershocks also be converted into a positive opportunity. Problems in the relationship due to infidelity, those who can not talk, save those steps are for the benefit and solution emerged.

After deception, trusting again the biggest problem. Deceives people, deceived the confidence to address the need to be patient, be consistent against frequent questions that will be asked, should answer without giving up. If you want to review your phone or e-mail address for the trust test should allow only for a while. Remember, no free repair a broken self-esteem.

Cuckold person, how come you wonder if that deep. After a point must also learn to give up everything to detail, it is accepted as far as he knew. Otherwise, you should know that there is no end of problems and curiosity.

Deceives people should not be in a hurry to return everything to normal as soon as possible. This event should take simple.

Cuckold person, to request more details, they should not be disclosed. For example; How your partner does not provide a benefit to your health that you know what you what your soul kissing marriage with another person.

If you want to improve your relationship; Be clear to him. What do you expect, then specify whether you’d like a system. Loud and clear to both sides of the road map.

Deceived the people, and people in poor and troubled parts of the marriage should be noticed, decoding is optional. Because why are changed, the results are unchanged.


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