Crab Sex


(June 22 – July 22)

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Sex / Sexual life

The crab, which does not approach directly for any desire in his life, waits to be back on the subject of sexuality, to be confident of his wishes by keeping his wishes to himself. The crab is very important in the sense of life, especially in intense feelings, is also active in the sexual sense.

The crab, under the control of the moon, has a variable mood, like the phases of the moon. The hormone levels play a role in their sexual will, especially since crab women are physically affected by this change. Despite having a very rich image of imagination, even after many years of ties, his fantasies are unfamiliar to his partner. Since the critics can not stand to be mocked, they want to protect themselves and their fragility.

Because loyalty is the greatest feature, there is no doubt a monogamous structure. Even if the partner leaves himself, he can not be with another person for a long time, and the adaptation becomes difficult. The habit and memory of a very strong crab, even if it is a simple sexual adventure, it is impossible to be deceived. Since it is not possible to forget, after this adventure, nothing will be as old as now.

The crab, a compassionate and thoughtful partner, is incredibly sensitive to the needs of people with whom they are together, their wishes. He uses love games to feed his partner. Because it is an integral part of the food life, it takes great pleasure to eat with or after sexuality with love in bed.

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