Crab Money


(June 22 – July 22)

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The crab, a water-element bastion, has the potential to feel changes in economic trends ahead of time because intuitions and intuition are so intense. Although it is often perceived as needing support, the crab, which is very fond of safety, is also very cautious in financial matters. It always succeeds in the planning and implementation of the financial aspects of your life. She feels herself under heavy responsibilities because she tries to guarantee her family’s daily living and future, not for individual purposes.

The crab is the most typical investment vehicle property. Land and buildings are very important because of the need they hear. First of all, after getting a home where all the family can fit easily, safety, comfort, and fullness, it will continue to buy real estate to make income and make solid investments. In addition, because of his collectivity, antiques he collects and other fields he uses as an investment tool of art works. It is not very difficult for a crab to put money into an edge because the collector is generally a collecting structure. Food, although very important in the life of the crab, prefer to keep clothing costs to a minimum. Crab, who does not like to spend money on himself, is extremely hands-on especially for his family.

The biggest disadvantage of the loyal Crab in financial terms is that it can not give up its old habits. It takes a lot of time to give up the crab for a really inefficient, perhaps risky, bank and investment method. The crab, whose mechanism of empathy is so advanced, helps people in need and feels relieved and satisfied in a spiritual sense. The intensity of the feeding impulse is the main reason for helping people who do not know at all by giving food. Like the bull, the crab likes to neither borrow nor lend. Even under the toughest conditions, the Crab, which gives back the surety, will never forget that they give it with their strong memory. When difficult times are spent minimizing their expenditures they hardly complain and do not bother.

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