Crab Love


(June 22 – July 22)

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At the beginning of a relationship, you should never wait for the Crab to show the first step or to manifest his feelings clearly to the person he / she likes. The shy crab, which does not approach shyly, prefer to be passive in love. Because the crab is more prone to traditional and outdated styles, a theater or romantic meal at the first meeting will help you feel more comfortable. Talking about the past with the crab in a romantic and nostalgic structure can provide an opportunity to learn about personality and experience. The crab wants to see and feel at every opportunity that it is appreciated and appreciated. Compliments help to progress in relation. Asking for your partner’s ideas on different topics is also an indication that you are valued for Crab. The crab hates being rejected and afraid. Taking a no answer, even in small cases, can lead to damage from deep.

The crab has a perfect memory and is quite jealous. To be able to forget easily, sincere and dishonest approaches overflow the risk of easy corruption. It is very difficult to forgive and forget. Once emotionally wounded, it can change behavior and expectations in the relationship. Relevant emotional and financial assurance is the greatest need. If the partner is needed in the relationship, if he provides the confidence he needs, he can have a perfect wife throughout life. With the confidence and interest of her husband, she is provided with a much more intense affection, compassion and devotion than expected. The crab is a perfect parent for children, whose protection and compassion are very developed.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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