Crab Horoscope

Crab Horoscope


(June 22 – July 22)

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Executive Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Quality: Pioneer
Lucky numbers: 3, 7
Day: Monday
Lucky stone: Pearl
Color: White, sea blue, silver
Tarot card: Moon
Animal: Sea shells
Plant: Hezarfen flower, lotus, kenger otu
Valuable stone: Moonstone, amber
Precious metal: Silver

Positive sides: Gentle, Sensitive, Sympathetic, Merciful The imagination is high. Motherhood and fatherhood feel strong. Patriotic. Seat. Nesting love. Persistent. Resourceful. Good wife. Frugal.

Negative aspects: Gooey. Snob. Messy. Skeptical. Variable. Jealous. Weak minded. It tends to pity yourself. Do not be fixed. Variable feelings.

Crab Team Star (Astronomy)
Praespei is located within the crab constellation. In the first december, there is the present day Polar Star on the star cluster known as the Ursa Minor, or Little Bear, team star. In the middle Ursa Major is found, while Argo, the most important star Conopus, is in the final dean.

Crab Female General Features

The crab has a pleasant temperament. He loves to stay at home, is warm, honest and has good intentions. It is also possible to say that you are fond of romance and adventure. Cancer is highly dependent on the woman, especially her family, family, habits and traditions. In general, a portrait portrayer loves everything about the house and the house. Ideal mothers come out of this horoscope.

It is very sensitive in emotional sense and intuition is strong. He can easily notice the intentions of the people around him. Cancer can be easily broken and hurt. Always good intentions and compassion are sought in the people around you.

The crab is a generous woman, but not extravagant. He loves saving and accumulating. He wants to be strong in material sense to feel safe. Cancer has a deep feelings and thoughts. He certainly does not like talking about himself, but he enjoys making suggestions about others.

Cancer does not like being criticized and has difficulty accepting negative aspects. Binary relationships are more loyal to his partner, but he is so jealous. For him, the main thing is love.

Crab Male General Features

The crab-man is attracted by his gentle, honest, heavy-headed and proud character. The emotional structure is very sensitive. Love and respect are indispensable foundation stones for him. He values people around him and tries to help them. Instead of trying to take advantage of their weaker side, they try to support them.

The crab man has a sharp and practical mind. The ability to analyze has been greatly improved. She loves everything about water. Between alcohol is good. It is also quite emotional because of its love of time and loves it fully and does not give up easily. He is extremely loyal to his partners in the relationship.

Crab men are very important to the money, but the reason is that they feel secure in the material sense and want to be cautious about the possibility of their relatives falling into a difficult situation.

The crab is a man of honor and enjoys being honest with himself. It does not co-exist with people who do not like it and do not trust it. The family and home experience is highly anticipated and the best fathers come out of crab men.

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