Crab Gift Selection


(June 22 – July 22)

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Gift Selection

Crab Woman

The delicate crab will love the poetry book you will buy her. Hele will keep the poem written on parchment paper with a fountain pen and two lines of poetry until the end of his life. The pearl and silver are ruled by this sign, both of which are wonderful in its delicate, transparent skin. If you buy pearls, you should buy the best quality natural pearls you can buy. You can write a tiny medallion necklace with which you can put your own resume into it and write “I love you” behind it.

If you are going to buy him a night, you should buy pearl white or silver gris, a silk lace per night. For him, you can make an appointment for the best beauty salon or hairdresser, makeup and hair.

You can send home or garden plants with white roses, garden plants or white flowers. Crab people are famous for their cooking, cooking great food. Stylish pot pan for kitchen, such as steak knife, wooden salad set, china pan, eskpresso-cappuccino coffee machine, will enjoy goodies. You can get a quality bed linen – a suite of furniture or American services in harmony with the colors of the house. The emotional crab woman will love silver or glass candlesticks.

Crab Male

You can give a crab man a black-and-white photograph of a quality photographer in a silver frame. A multi-page photo album will also be nice, much more emotional than you might think.

You can surprise him by organizing a boat or motor tour, and there should be homemade meals beside him. For the study room you can give an old ship a sailboat frame. Many crab men like to cook. If you can find a cookbook for men, take it. You will love the courses that teach French or Chinese cuisine. You can present a new coffee machine, mini oven, American service, if you have a kettle-pan set. You can send things like cake and cake that you make yourself.

Crab, who likes to sit at home, will be very happy with hundreds of channels to watch if you provide satellite-dish subscription. The silver crab is metal, and if you buy a silver keychain it will be able to organize your keys. Crab people like to save money, you can even give him a treasure bonus. Do not think it’s a boring gift, be considerate and your nationalism will affect it.

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