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(June 22 – July 22)

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Diet & Fitness

Although the crab is a precursor, that is, a tendency to act, the rate of metabolism is not very high. The crab individuals with intense stomach sensitivity have a character that panic at the same time very quickly. The emotional gait and the fluctuations in the mood directly affect the stomach. As a result, if the stomach is burning or if the acidity rises, the crab finds itself in the kitchen or across the fridge. The moon phases of the crab affected by the moon surplus also change. It will be beneficial in terms of mental health that the crab, which is especially stressed on the Full Moon, lacks the B vitamins.

According to other signs, Crab is emotionally weaker and more sensitive, even at its emotional level. Therefore any sporting activity must feel good to him. Crab individuals, a water-element bastion, particularly enjoys water sports or water activities. In the strengthening of the nervous system, there is a great benefit of swimming and sea air. Attention should be paid to the fact that solid fitness programs have stressed the weakness of the crab. Stable techniques, which require rhythmic movements instead, would be more suitable for crabs.

The crab is the archetype of the Zodiac’s cook. She likes cooking and she is really good at it. However, a crab does not have the luxury of not gaining weight because he cooks the dishes he first cooked himself. Therefore, the low-calorie, low-fat choices in the meals will help the crab remove this disadvantage, while preserving the taste of cooking.

In particular, female Crab should be able to control the daily salt consumption considerably. The body structure, which is already very suited to holding water, can cause serious problems if it is missed a little bit in the salt taken. Especially ladies may start to complain frequently about premenstrual symptoms. Cooking habits can quickly become irregular, and crabs may need professional help from time to time.

Thalassotherapy, in water treatment, is the most appropriate alternative technique for crab. However, this method, which is not suitable for every athletic and slaughtering, can also take the place of hydro massage tools, mud baths, clay soaps. In order to provide lymphatic drainage, special massages to be done will also help to fix the crab bastard’s tendency to pay. Especially the hammam pleasures are very suitable for crab.

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