Crab Character


(June 22 – July 22)

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Character Properties

The crab, the fourth sign in the zodiac, symbolizes the fourth stage of the human evolution and the position in which it is in the process. The basic need in the crab is not built on individual life instincts. The basic motive of the crab is to maintain the continuity of the human species. Fertility and feeding characteristics are in the symbolism of the crab. In other words, the crab wants to develop and define its identity as part of a family. The crab is also very advanced in terms of affection, compassion, and sacrifice, which is the main purpose of satisfying the people around them. When the crab is upset, it gives itself to eat, so it is more prone to lose weight. As a result of the value she gives to the concept of family, her interests include collecting, history and gynecology.

The crab is prone to act because it carries pioneering qualities. It achieves its goal in one way or another. The crab, with a strong will, will never go directly to his destination because he knows his emotional sensitivity and is in search of safety. The crab-like people, like the typical feature of the side-to-side sidewalk, also prefer to reach and control their targets from side-by-side. In human relations, rather than direct demands, he prefers to express his needs with emotional approaches. The slightest unpleasantness attracts herself to the inner world, as if she is pulled into the crust, and chooses to stay there until the safety is provided. The crab thinks that it can not succeed or is threatened and waits patiently for more favorable conditions.

The reaction to life experiences is always emotional. The crab evaluates their feelings, their feelings, before deciding what to do, not taking action, and evaluating it from the rationale. Crab people often succeed with patience, safe steps, and positive connections with other people. The symbol of human emotions, instincts, the Moon, the director of the crab jumbo. The most important disadvantage of a crab is that it can be captive to its emotions and it is difficult to extract itself from the world of feeling. Particularly in his own life, personal needs and affairs, he has a very shy and shy behavior.

In order for the crab to fully open itself, in other words to be able to surrender, it must have a hundred percent trust and no hesitation. In crab individuals who can control their excess emotional and shyness, intuition becomes a useful tool of everyday life. It is also very difficult to forget the crab, bitter experience, experience that is the nature of the holder, the accumulator and the collector. It is very difficult for the crab to forget or forget the relationships that end in the same way. Besides, it takes quite a long time for the crab to make a distinction between human relations, feeling responsibility and sense of ownership. The crab, which does not even tolerate criticism of criticism, even of constructivism, may experience emotional depression. These depressions have long been a major influence on the outcome of self-defeating problems such as shutting oneself out to the outside world, moving away from life, depression, reluctance.

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