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(June 22 – July 22)

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The delicate, fragile, emotional nature of the crab also manifests itself in business. When the crab goes directly to the target, it walks around, trying to understand the conditions and gain confidence. This characteristic is reflected in cautious steps in business life, as secure initiatives and steps that can result.

The crab, which is a pioneer character, also carries the leadership qualities that are unexpected. The emotional side is particularly successful at management levels as it allows people to be sensitive to their skill needs. To make the working environment safe, harmonious and peaceful, the crab makes its best. It is also a crab that uses intuition, a loving colleague who loves and patronizes, or patrondur. Loyalty and sense of responsibility help to bring about the end of every job it starts and achieve success.

Though not as powerful as to conquer the world, there is power and love enough to create a beautiful world for yourself and those who are together. Because of his fondness for family, ancestors and collecting, he also wants to avoid unnecessary shedding and spending in business life. The crab office is warm and comfortable enough to look for a nest. This space, which exhibits collections or remains from the family, is a refuge from time to time for its own privacy.

The most typical crab professions come from food and beverage, hospitality and food fields. Besides, the crab is a very good teacher, nanny, nurse and doctor because of the nature of the herringbone. Real estate, maritime professions are also among the ones they like to do.

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