Coloring Hair Loss

Coloring Hair Loss

Loss of Hair Dye What?

To turn off or turn your hair white hair color in humans to possess and they dye their hair to darken. It includes various chemical substances in hair dyes. It will contain pigments that cause cancer in some of these substances. According to research done in the world of hair dye often people, especially the rate of developing lymphoma cancer, it has been learned that there are more than those who dye your hair. Furthermore, chemical hair dyes various allergic diseases, however percent and eye edema, ulceration of the scalp, excessive spalling of the hair can result in hair loss.

To understand whether there is a natural hair dye, primarily in Europe Control with Natural Cosmetics (BDIH) that must be certified to have received approval skin. In addition, if the color of your natural hair color dye hair open so that you can open the color of the hair is not natural. Chemical dyes for about 1 month while maintaining the color of natural dyes hair a short time and flows through the primary colors occur. We can understand that from here is also a natural dye. Pregnant women should not use hair dyes. Because human skin can perform the absorption of most things put on the skin. Pregnant person harmful substances penetrate the hair dye when the baby takes it directly. Suction time after the baby is born until the end of the hair to be dyed.

It has condemned the most natural hair dyes. But if the condemned is not much choice for a variety of colors, it is no harm to the body. In fact, even as it condemned the anti-cancer effect it has been approved explored today. Henna; Derived from a plant grown in India and the Middle East. It is completely natural. Furthermore, chemical dyes like synthetic fragrance, color and does not contain petroleum-based ingredients.

If you want to turn your hair white, choose the condo. If there is no white in your hair natural hair color is closest to the optimum human face and skin color. If you prefer natural dyes Taking into account the above warnings if you say that necessarily need to paint, and you will not hurt your health and you have the more natural hair color as well.

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