Chew Gum Benefits

Chew Gum Benefits

Benefits of Chewing Gum

The world’s have done a lot of research about the health benefits of chewing gum in different countries and chewing gum that has been scientifically proven to be some of the benefits. chewing gum almost provide the same benefits to everyone. But chewing gum according to the same survey results, there are some losses. Before the loss of chewing examine what kind of benefits in terms of health.

Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

The psychological benefits of chewing gum comes to the fore among the benefits. Health experts said that chewing gum improves memory. The gum scientific research also reveals that the increase motivation.

The chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, to be good for stress, improve memory, and it helps to lose weight is stated. Now let us examine in detail the benefits of chewing gum;

Chew gum Strengthens Memory: Psychologists strengthen that by chewing the gum and chewing gum chewing people’s memory is to say that the more successful the memory test. That allows continuous movement of the jaw and chewing gum is said that it helps to strengthen memory.

Brain Health: Chewing gum that increases the speed of blood to the brain, indicating that the brain receives more health professionals receiving oxygen in it, while between 25-40% of chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain that they denoting.

Reduce Stress: Some studies indicate that the motivation of the chewing gum and increase alertness. Psychiatrists and psychologists is causing the release of energy together with chewing gum and jaw movements to reduce tension and maintain that it is beneficial to nerve health.

Weight Loss is Easier: Chew gum at the same time helps you lose weight by burning calories. Due to less movement, especially older people, doctors can not move, but little or no weight problems, which recommends chewing gum for zayıfala to patients. Regular chewing gum helps to lose weight by burning calories and therefore.

It improves digestion: Chewing gum helps to improve bowel movements. Other than that against the mouth produces saliva, this feature helps prevent the occurrence of reflux from the stomach to the mouth.

Oral Hygiene: Some health experts argue that contribute to gum oral hygiene. During the day, after dinner, they are said to be useful for dental and oral hygiene chewing gum consumption.


Gum is as beneficial to health has been scientifically proven that there is some damage. Especially the sweet gum of tooth decay caused by sugar that threaten the health of patients and is belirtilmet that cause allergies and infections, especially skin infections in children. We can sort out the damage in terms of health as gum;

Unnecessary Food Intake: Made birlimsel research shows that chewing gum increases the motivation but also the motivation of chips, such as the EU sugar cube is revealed encouraged to consume food.

Joint pain: The extreme form of chewing gum to cause joint pain in the jaw, and over time has been shown scientifically to chronic joint pain. It is also thought to cause headaches excessive chewing.

Abdominal Pain: Chewing gum can cause abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome. When the digestive system to constantly chew gum much food intake causes administrative structures to give constant signal, in this case, secreting digestive acid structure is in vain. This situation threatens the digestive system.

Dental Diseases: Especially sugar containing chewing gum is stated to cause tooth decay. This problem is very common in children.

Allergy: Chemical products and chewing gums containing additives are particularly cause allergies in children. Skin, lung and other allergic patients should be because scientifically proven to cause children to control chewing gum habit.

Dental Fillings can be of interest to: The adhesive properties of the gum soft and partially harm to dental fillings. Displaced the increasingly weakened or removable dental fillings may shorten life.

Youth Headache: For people under the age of 19 can cause headaches amount of chew gum.

The age of these are out of danger in itself for very small children with chewing gum. Children gum swallowing, severe health problems due to a number of reasons as to escape the sore gum reports and even deaths. So it needs to be kept away from small children gum. Furthermore, as to keep the gum cause problems in the digestive tract of children.


We have seen some benefits in terms of gum health, but should be used in considering the damage. We can recommend chewing gum unless you are addicted and go to the extreme to chew 30-60 minutes a day.

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