Chatting with colleagues is reducing stress

Chatting with colleagues is reducing stress

Excessive stress may not only psychologically and physically affect employees, but may also cause chronic diseases. Give them money, chat with your friends, weep, laugh and eat chocolate!

Stress is confronting the common problem that affects today’s most challenging, as well as almost all, issues. Whether it is home, traffic, or business life, it is extremely stressful. In particular, it takes extra care to balance the stress and intensity of the business environment in which we spend most of our time. Some problems in business life can cause psychological distress. These problems increasingly lead to the deterioration of the psychology of the person, thereby reducing the work efficiency significantly.
Excessive stress may not only psychologically and physically affect employees, but may also cause chronic diseases. In fact, with a few simple suggestions and strategies you can turn your bad working day into normal.
Here are my suggestions, which I believe are very easy to implement and that you can guide yourself to cope with stress …

Breathe deeply and rhythmically

A little meditation
Meditation is a purification technique based on ancient times. Today, spirit and mind can be used as physical therapy as well as resting function. Especially when it is supported by music, it gives calmness.
Meditation is not only done in a closed area.
The fact that these techniques can go out of the rooms gives many people convenience.
If you think your day is bad at work, a quick breathing exercise can help you calm down and return to normal life. You will only take five minutes and this meditation technique will make you feel good. Sit back calmly with your back straight, look down with your eyes. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. So you can relax quickly.

Get rid of negative thoughts
Perhaps the best way to get rid of the struthen is to get rid of negative thoughts by chatting with your colleagues.
According to research, short conversations at work suggest that it might be useful for your emotional well-being. In another study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it was shown that chatting with colleagues can help reduce your heart rate and stress level.

Crying is good!
Crying is the easiest way to calm down. Give up holding your tears and cry without hesitation. When you cry, the secreted hormones help you to calm down if you are not aware. Laughing is as important as crying. Do not worry, laugh and go.

Chocolate is everywhere…
According to a new study published in the Proteom Research magazine, workers who eat a piece of chocolate every day for two weeks at work were exposed to lower levels of stress hormones to stop the effects of stress-forming fat and slowing metabolism. Another study showed that people who eat cocoa every day for 30 days have 10% lower anxiety levels and find themselves more calm than at the beginning of the study.

Take an email break
A study at the University of California found that short-lived closure of work-related e-mails could reduce the stress level and improve focus. By turning off your business phone on weekends and disabling your workplace email from your personal phone, you can reduce stress.

Relaxing to talk to your mother
In a very stressful moment in the workplace, hearing your mother’s voice can calm you down as if you were a child.
According to the researchers, after completing their stressful tasks, participants on the phone with their mothers increased stress hormone cortisol and oxytocin, the binding hormone.

Laughter is the best medicine
Research has shown that laughter and smile are extremely useful for vascular health. When you laugh, there is a serious decline in the level of cortisol known as the stress hormone.
Stress and decreased cortisol level; regulating blood pressure, strengthening our immune system and making us feel more mutual.
Scientists say stress has doubled the risk of heart attack.

Hold tightly to your work

Thankful to!
Instead of constantly thinking about the problems you face at your workplace, try to think of the good things and make yourself happy. Remember, every day is a new life. Whenever you are in despair, be thankful that you are a business, and try to keep your path stronger by holding your business tightly.

Avoid multiple tasks
According to a recent research by researchers at the University of Utah, it was seen that people who worked more than one task at the same time were less productive than people who focused only on one thing.

Everyone’s right to the holiday
Researchers at Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that women who did not regularly vacation were exposed to three times more depression than holidaymakers. In addition, in a different study, it can be seen that working without stopping can increase the risk of heart attack.

Secret benefits of stress
I would like to tell you an interesting piece of information about the ways in which stress can be experienced at work. Stress may not be as harmful as you always think. New research; power, energy and your tension to be happy. Experts have been warned about the dangers of stress for years. As many of you know, stress increases many health risks, especially to heart disease, diabetes, depression and headaches. However, scientific studies show that stress actually makes people stronger, faster and even more energetic. Research also shows that stress also strengthens the immune system. Fifteen minutes after a stressful event, the body activates blood circulating pathogen-fighting cells and these cells spread out from the body to help provide a more robust immune response. The type of immune response that can help you cope with a cold or infection is strengthened by short-term stress. Another benefit of stress is the strength of memory. It is known that constant stress is caused by Alzheimer’s disease, short-lived stress which is not seen much, other information that arises when researching memory and triggering memory. Of course, believing that stress is useful does not change the reality of the situation you are in.

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