Causes of Vaginal Smell: How can I stop the smell in the vagina?

Causes of Vaginal Smell: How can I stop the smell in the vagina?

Vaginal smell is one of the most common women’s problems. In this article we will respond in response to the fact that many ladies who suffer from this discomfort cause the vagina smell, we will also have information about the natural and herbal methods which will be the definitive solution for the vagina smell. The cause of vaginal smell is usually bacterial infections, hygiene is not careful and the genital area is moist. The vaginal smell can be really annoying if these conditions allow bacteria to reproduce for a long period of time. A number of antibacterial creams and pomades may work in pharmacies to relieve vaginal smell. However, there are also home-made natural treatment curatives that will eliminate vaginal smell for those who seek herbal remedies. Some herbal and natural solutions can be applied to vaginal smell.

What causes vaginal odor?

Bacterial infection
Fungal infection
Sexually transmitted diseases
Not being careful about hygiene
Pelvic inflammatory diseases

What are vaginal smell indications?

A bad smell
Vaginal redness
Itching in the vagina
Dryness in the vagina

What are herbal solutions for vaginal smell?

Some natural and herbal remedies can be used to get rid of the vaginal smell. These methods are:

1. Water

The first and most effective way to eliminate vaginal smell is abundant water consumption. Water allows harmful bacteria and toxins to be easily removed from the body. It is recommended to consume at least 8 or 10 glasses of water per day.

2. Yoghurt

At least 2 cups of yoghurt should be consumed each day to help with vaginal smell and buildup. Yoghurt contains lactobacillus substance which helps protect the vagina’s normal pH level. Also, plain yogurt can also be applied into the vagina with buffer aid. After waiting for 5 minutes, the area is washed with warm water and dried thoroughly.

3. Garlic

Garlic helps with the disinfection of bacteria with antibiotic content. At the same time, it helps to get rid of the bad smell. It can be applied by crushing a garlic clove into the vagina. It is left for a few hours and then the area is washed by washing with warm water. In the morning hungry, raw garlic juice can also be consumed.

4. White vinegar

Half a cup of hot water 1 tablespoon white vinegar is added. This mixture is applied to the vagina for a while and then the area is rinsed with warm water. White vinegar helps to keep bad pH while helping to maintain pH level. It also destroys existing bacteria with its acidic content.

5. Cemen grass

Cemen is one of the most effective natural remedies for vaginal odor. It also balances natural hormone levels. A tea spoon cumin seed is soaked in the water in the night. The next morning he drinks on an empty stomach.

6. Apple juice

A little apple cucumber is added to the lukewarm room full of warm water. Wait at least 30 minutes in this bathtub. The application is repeated at least 4 times a week and 5 times a week. The apple circulation inhibits bacterial growth with its acidic content.

7. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another solution for removing vaginal odor. 1 cup of water 4 drops 5 drops tea tree oil is added. The genital area is washed with this mixture. The tea tree oil also acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.

8. Carbonate

A soup spoonful of carbonates is added to the warm water. The genital area is washed with this water. Carbonate shortens the healing process of bacterial or fungal infections that cause genital odor.

9. Amla or Indian gooseberry

Indian Bektashis grape, so some amount can be consumed.

What can be done to prevent vaginal smell?

Excess sugary foods should not be consumed.
Alcohol and caffeinated beverages should be avoided.
Hygiene should be careful, the genital area should be thoroughly cleaned.
Cotton work clothes should be preferred to nylon underwear.
Products such as bumpers and pads should be replaced frequently.
Cleaning should always be done from the front to the back when the toilet is in use. This prevents possible infections.
Perfumed genital products should not be used.

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