Bull Sex


(April 20 – May 20)

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Under the influence of the ruling planet Venus, bull, love, sexuality and eroticism are inherently confused. The bull has a passionate, passionate and active sexuality that is never understood from the outer appearance. However, as in all areas of life, it is not possible to act easily in this arena. However, they begin to reveal their desires, wishes and desires after they have received the approval, trust, that they need from their partner.

Taurus is a variant resistant structure. This does not indicate that he likes his routine in sexuality and does not go out of the rules. But it is the prerequisite for people to rely on human beings to experience innovation. Still, it is very possible to see bulls who are tired of being tired of being in a sexual relationship with their sexual needs. It is a structure that is contrary to the wishes of the bull, to be clear about its desires. However, it does not go back to using charm, charm and love games in its framework. Planned, strategically heavy but enjoyable, there is a structure that advances step by step.

Since the bulls are very patient, they try to do everything possible to achieve long-term, all the way, after they have locked in the target. The bull, who is very influenced by the material leprosy and condom itself, walks around the culmination of aesthetic sensitivity to get the desired person. Bulls are usually a sensitive lover. He also thinks about the other person and does his best for his happiness. However, it would be a mistake to expect marginally different approaches to bullfighting. Getting away from the testimony of your attempts is very difficult for the bull even in sexuality.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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