Bull Money


(April 20 – May 20)

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The bull, known for his zodiac banker archetype, is very cautious, patient and planned in financial matters. It is known in all horoscopes for its ability to identify and maintain the necessary resources to continue the individual’s life. As a land rider, the ability to earn money and sustain its life is advanced because it is prone to production. Since a bull without an inoculum will feel insecure, it may first experience psychological and then physical health problems. The bull, who does not like to borrow, is also disturbed by his desire for debt. It creates and uses different resources to stand up without needing anybody. The bull earns as much as he earns, but he does not like to show off.

The bull must investigate before investing and find the most suitable system for him to be safe then profitable. In financial sense, he never wants to feel his future anxiety in his life. Investments are not just for the money. Under the influence of Venus, which symbolizes art and beauties, antiques and valuable works of art are among the investment instruments. Real estate and land are vehicles where the bull feels fit and do not hesitate to invest. The stock market is a field where the bull wants to stay away because it carries risk in its own right.

The bull may start spending money after securing himself, his people and his future. Because they are fond of beauty, good clothes, a safe car, luxury and a beautifully furnished house are the most important expenditure elements for the bull. The passion for food and hospitality is also responsible for allocating budget for good food in expensive restaurants. The bull, beauty and care centers, who are fond of comfort and beauty, do not hesitate to spend money. Although it is often recognized as an elitist, it is actually one of the satisfying means of spending money for your loved ones. And even if he does not like to share his own resources in a hundred percent, he does not hesitate to help people around him in the physical and intellectual dimension of their material resources.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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