Bull Love


(April 20 – May 20)

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Even if the bull is interested, it can take quite a long time to show it to the other person. The bulls are very patient people. To be with him, you need to learn to be patient and calm. In relation to the bull, there must be a “counterparty” that will usually use the initiative. In order to be able to initiate a bull-synch, he waits for the other person to express that he clearly enjoys being with him. The appointment given in a restaurant, the pleasant environment and the food, plays an important role in the easy and positive past of the first stage.

At home, beautiful meals, precious objects, flowers and candles, and romantic music will ensure that the bull is deeply affected. When he feels that nothing is actually worthy of him, the bull, who is fond of lucrative and material values, becomes convinced of a long-term relationship. With strong will and hidden joke ability, there is a peaceful structure in the person who strangles.

However, uncertainties and sudden changes cause the relationship to suffer. it is a partner that will never be doubtful about bull ties and loyalty. It is one of the rare bastions that keeps the person fresh from the heart and mind everywhere and keeps his love as fresh as the first day. The human being of the bull is actually quite passionate and emotional, and he can live full with people who value it.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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