Bull Gift Selection


(April 20 – May 20)

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Gift Selection

Bull Woman

The need for a perfumed bull woman, led by Venus, never ceases to exist, you can comfortably present her with perfume. You can get a fragrant body cream and powder set. You can send him lilacs in a basket of violet or crystal vase. A daily gift from the beauty salon will be very pleasing to him.

If you want to buy clothes, you should choose natural fabrics. You can choose a night in white, top quality cotton. You can get her a black velvet evening dress or a stylish handbag because her tan is very responsive.

At the same time, cashmere, soft touch scarf and gloves that do not sink like an angora will go very well. Taurus represents the neck in the human body, you can give it a pearl necklace. If you want to buy expensive jewelry, you are a favorite emerald.

Bull Male

Sensitive bull man will love chocolate-dipped strawberries or a day’s gift check in a luxury hotel sauna and massage parlor. Classic, jazz, opera and rock music concert tickets for the bull run by Venus will be a good gift. You can be very pleased by taking him to a fine and elegant restaurant he always wants to go to.

You can get a comfortable TV seat because the bull man enjoys spending time at home. You can get new speakers for your music set, video, DVD, VCD, from your favorite music CDs. If you are going to get dressed, you should get the best quality of your money, bull quality is very important. You should choose the softest type of fabric that does not sink, do not scratch.

A beautiful umbrella that will fit two people will enjoy it. You can present a bottle of the best quality red wine and imported cheese in a basket. You can buy garden tools if your plants have plants, trees, or horticulture for your business.

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