Bull Diet & Fitness


(April 20 – May 20)

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Diet & Fitness

Bull man has the slowest metabolic rate among all signs in the zodiac. The bull, whose senses are so advanced, loves good food, touch, refined smells, beautiful music and sex. Because he is very fond of comfort and personal comfort, he does his best to regulate living conditions accordingly. The body structure of the bull is also more suitable for immobility. When all this is added to the sweetness of the sweet food, it is inevitable that the bull will have a weight problem to deal with for the entire life span.

The bulb, whose senses are sensitive, can help prepare the appropriate conditions so that he can insert himself into a regular exercise program. For example, beautiful exercise clothes, music and spoons can then make a shower exercise that is fun with fragrant herbs. Entering the saunas and having a massage after the spore is especially beneficial for the relief and willingness of the bull. The aromatic oils used during the massage also help the bulb to see these activities attractive.

For the land and the green-loving bull, garden work or open-air walks are quite attractive. The bull-headed person, who is ruled by Venus, who symbolizes all kinds of taste, is very difficult to eat himself. So perhaps it is the bull bastard that makes the most difficult diets in all the horoscopes, and it is desperate when the heavy metabolic rate is added to it. However, if the bull, which has a patient and persistent structure, starts to lose weight at least, this direction may also progress. Note that they ate every meal for the bull, helping to make a regular and controlled diet.

Aromatherapy is also an alternative technique that can be used at this point. The bull can comfort itself by boiling herbs, or preparing various ants, in the banyoda, in the massage, and in the drink. The bull’s periodic withdrawal of meat-borne proteins, even short-term vegetarian feeding and support of the diet with mineral waters, plays an important role in the accumulation of toxins. Bulls that do not give up altogether altogether will benefit if it is used as a white high school preference, partly as well.

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