Bull Character


(April 20 – May 20)

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The second sign of the zodiac, the bull, is the second stage in the evolution of man and his finding in the universe. It is the physical senses most people use. Everything that you can touch, physically hold, helps you to determine your own reality. For this reason the bull is very much dependent on his physical resources and on the people he thinks he owns. The strongest desire of the bull is personal safety. Unfulfilled promises or betrayal cause this feeling of trust to be easily shaken. In these situations, the bull reacts violently and refuses to give another chance.

The behavior of a frustrated bull is quite different from its normal state. He pulls his hand completely from the world or, on the contrary, starts to move with the belief of “nail nails.” Whichever way you go, the result is a federation of emotional trust, which is an essential or essential need for the bull.

Taurus is particularly resistant to the changes he does not want, and which he does not. Taurus people often end their work in their lives. It is among the basic features of patience, patience and fortitude that many people can not stand up to the difficult circumstances. The bull symbol, the bull, is the true source of this persistence, and even of faithfulness. From a positive point of view, the strength and determination of the bull allows other people to trust him. Taurus wants to trust and believe because his life does not love to live on the basis of another human being. A loving and patient bull is much more revered and durable, especially when he is with the people he valued, or when he pays attention to a topic he cares about. He does not like spontaneous changes and surprises in general. He feels much more comfortable when he has the opportunity to practice what he has planned, or when he is given time to prepare. Adjusts bull reactions to the practical value of what they experience. Before going through the physical activity, they try to emotionally weigh themselves and try to find out that they can gain experience before they consider it intellectual.

The Bronze beauty and luxury planet Venus manages. Under the influence of this planet, the bulls show a sensible character who is sensitive to physical pleasures, strong in aesthetic values, personal and comfortable. There are pragmatic approaches to financial issues as well as aesthetic beauty. He loves nature and everything that is natural. The balance in life is indexed to the world and to the realities. The bull’s devotion to personal pleasures and comfort also brings temptiness and inertia. Being a careful structure, the bull can easily manage to stay away from wrongs and is also good at capturing valuable opportunities.

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