Bull Career


(April 20 – May 20)

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Taurus is reliable, loyal and easy to understand. Because the soil is burly, the practical direction is strong and the feet succeed. The biggest problem of the bull is related to moving. The sensation of blocking at the start can sometimes reach disturbing dimensions. But all the work that he has started is the only one that can finish it on the basis of patience and patience even in the most difficult conditions. The eye will see nothing else when it locks on purpose.

Aesthetic judgments strong bulls do not hesitate to use artistic creativity and value judgments even in business. The behavior of the bull, which is stable and what he or she will do, and whose reaction can be predicted and measured easily, manifests itself as an extension of these characteristics. Due to the fact that it is a fixed sign, it may be difficult to keep pace with technological and sociological innovations, especially in later ages. Despite being generally calm and peaceful, it is better to wait for severe reactions that are not at all related to normal attitude when it is pressed into the vein or when it comes to patience. The bull’s office is like a reception hall filled with comfortable, luxurious objects, where guests are certainly accustomed to food and drink.

The bull, which is particularly talented in financial matters, works and works fondly in every branch of banking and finance. Apart from this, antiques that buy and sell precious objects, fashion and beauty industry which requires aesthetic sensitivity, jewelery and sarcasm related to precious stones and mines, and sculpture which requires form ability are among the leading choices of bulls.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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