Benefits of walking 30 minutes every morning

Benefits of walking 30 minutes every morning

There are several ways to preserve the healthy lifestyle you can give a hand weight. For this exercise we do not short-term, you should pay attention to the long-term and regular basis. Our recommendation is to exercise at least 150 minutes per week of moderate difficulty. High blood pressure, blood clots, depression, certain types of cancer, to help prevent obesity and diseases such as heart attack and a long, healthy life, we recommend that you walk every morning for half an hour as possible.

How should walk

Before you start walking, it should do stretching and warm-up act.

Stretching movements while:

● Walking the bounce
● Do not force yourself to flex more because it allows your body
● Breathe consistently throughout stretch breath
● Move slowly

Before starting a 30-minute walk, avoid injury and make you things that you need to reach their full attention to ensure that the purpose of the exercise:

● When walking, your toes should face forward.
● At each step, your heel should touch the ground first and then must continue to move forward with your body weight.
● Your arms should move in a natural way.
● Your shoulders should be slightly back and hold his chin.

Every morning regular 30-minute walk, to run until it is useful. This exercise, diabetes, depression and reduce the risk of emergence of diseases such as some types of cancer, it helps fight cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Dr. Gregg Fonarow speaker of the American Medical Association, the exercise reduced the risk of early death, he fought with heart and blood vessel problems and says that protect our health in general. Do not walk, and run, heart and vascular diseases, there are studies that prove that reduce the risk.

According to the study, and the running of the health benefits of walking are compared:

● 7% while reducing cholesterol walk, run decreases of 4.3%.
● Walk heart and vascular diseases, while reducing the risk of 9.3%, 4.5% decrease run.
● Walking reduces the likelihood of hypertension 7.2%, 4.2% decrease run.
● Walking reduces the likelihood of diabetes, 12.3%, 12.1% and reduces run.

Doctors according to Gregg Fonawor; “In these studies, the energy consumed during exercise shows that similar amounts independent of the difficulty of the exercise. But exercise can make people more difficult, they can choose to be more effective in terms of running time.” So this work if your goal is to lose weight, running the shows would be more useful for you.

To pay attention to things

Overall, there are things you should be careful to not risk your health during any physical activity. So when you go for a walk, where you do the walk, you should pay attention to other things that are part of your time and exercise.

Our advice is when you exercise, and to dress accordingly for the convenience of your comfort and your walking steps. Also, if sunrise, when you are going for a walk in low light such as sunset or night time, you should wear a jacket or light-reflecting colored clothing.

Your security will be better for a walk in groups. In addition, your mobile phone with you in case you do not need while hiking and be sure your identity. In addition, your family walk that route, time and remember to tell you when to go for a walk.

These, as well as to be distracted while walking. You must be aware of what is happening around you. If you are listening to music with headphones while walking, you can hear that in your voice traffic or the environment should be low.

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