Benefits of Tea

Benefits of Tea

Almost tea consumption in many countries, are among the indispensable. Tea drinking has almost become culture in many countries. Tea production in Turkey the most in the world, which is grown in the eastern Black Sea region, is from çaygil family. Evergreen leaves in winter, is a loving plant moist and the wettest places. It can be used fresh or dried. Tea is consumed frequently both in the summer during the day in winter. Among the countries that most tea production in the world is located in Turkey 5 th.

TEIN is the active ingredient in the tea has polyphenols content.

Health Benefits of Tea

Due to the stimulating effects of mental and physical fatigue has relieving properties. Many types of cancer, particularly colon cancer by research in recent years it has been found that the inhibitory effect. It strengthens the stomach by supporting the work of the stomach. Cholera, a therapeutically in diseases such as goiter. It has antioxidant properties. While shorten the course of treatment of teeth and gum disease also it prevents bad breath. However, eating too much tea to heart palpitations, nausea and may lead to insomnia.

Tea Benefits of Colon Cancer: Content is located on a substance known to be effective in the fight against cancer polyphenols named TF2. This article from the content of the tea on healthy cells, while helping to destroy cancer cells was observed in any negativity. Therefore, the consumption of tea is the tea lately colon cancer in studies to help the destruction of cancerous cells is recommended.

Tea Antioxidant Contains: Body contains many diseases and the real reason for issuing an invitation to tea antioxidant against free radicals, which are important for health in general. This feature reduces the risk of many diseases with.

Tea Reduces Risk of Heart Attack: Black tea consumption protects heart health. According to a survey conducted in the Netherlands compared to people who consume the people who consume 2-3 cups of black tea a day of heart attack by 70% revealed that they spent less. Besides black tea consumption prevents blood clotting and reduce the risk of stroke.

Protect Bone Health: Regular tea consumption protects the bone health. With the help of phytochemicals it contains large amounts of tea is thought to protect bone health.

Tea Protects the Immune System: Some scientific studies have revealed that strengthen the blood’s immune system. Besides, some health experts argue that they have more structure than those of healthy blood drinking tea drinkers.

Protect Against Cancer Age: We also wrote that a good antioxidant tea. One of the most common cause of cancer d free radicals, antioxidants eliminates the risk of the functions of eliminating free radicals and cancer.

Tea is useful to the digestive system: Tea is generally considered to be harmful to the digestive system, but it is the excessive intake of sugar with the tea that the actual damage to the digestive system and the excessive consumption of tea in the same way. However, less sweetened and unsweetened tea consumption and digestive system is especially useful for bowel movements.

Tea Calories does not include: Calorie-free tea does not carry the risk of weight gain thanks to this feature. Regular consumption of tea can help give exact opposite of the digestive system working regularly and lose weight. Especially black tea with lemon juice to be consumed is recommended to be more effective. Lemon juice can also eliminate the problem of iron deficiency in the body which generates the black tea.

Tea Metabolism Strengthens: It is believed to accelerate the metabolism of 3-4 cups of tea consumption. Some health experts advocate regular tea consumption and weight can be given 6-7 months, 10-14 minute walk.

Benefits of lemon balm tea

World tea is grown and maintained throughout the dozens of varieties of the common tea production in many countries. The lemon balm tea is used in the treatment of diseases since ancient times.

● Regular tea consumption can be healing balm for eye pressure problems, also reduces the risk of eye disease.

● Melissa tea protects heart health, reducing the risk of heart attack and may reduce heart spasm problems.

● Melissa tea hormone disorders can resolve the problem, especially estrogen may eliminate the problem.

● Melissa tea contains beneficial foods for the digestive system, urinary tract infections also can resolve.

● Melissa tea is beneficial for skin health can lead to faster healing of wounds.

●Lemon balm tea has the muscle relaxant properties.

● Melissa tea on the nervous system that is effective, it may help fight stress and depression.

● Fire has lowering properties, lemon balm tea can help to take sweat

● Lemon balm tea is useful for stomach health, troubleshoot problems gastritis.

● People with insomnia evening before bedtime can solve problems when they consume a cup of boron.

Melisa 2-3 cups a day of tea consumption does not pose a problem in terms of health. But the problem comes from macular degeneration in people who have certain side effects, so we recommend that you pay attention to the consumption of mukol degeneration is the problem.

White Tea Benefits

White tea is produced from black and green tea plant. In regions where it is grown and produced there are different designations. More are produced in China. White tea consumption in our country, especially in recent years has begun to increase. The biggest reason for the health benefits can be understood only recently. The benefits of green tea with a lot of health benefits can be summarized as follows;

● White tea protects heart health. White tea contains catechins, which helps blood vessels to expand and stretch. This makes the heart can prevent excessive expansion. Also green tea may provide watch a healthy level of blood pressure.

● White tea contains vitamins, substances and compounds can also reduce the risk of cancer. İncreasing especially in recent years colon, esophagus, stomach and may reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

● White tea protects the skin health. Skin health is effective against free radicals, which is one of the most threatening factor. Eliminate the negative effects of free radicals on the skin caused.

● White tea protects the health of the digestive system in general. As a result it may help to provide a healthy way to lose weight. Caffeine and polyphenols that are contained in white tea may also support weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate.

● Stress and allows us to struggle with depression. Almost the most important characteristics of all types of tea and white tea as well as to support the body against stress and depression, which is one of the diseases of our time. Regular daily consumption of 1-2 cups of white tea may help fight stress.

Warning: White tea contains slightly more caffeine than other oils so the mothers during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended, and drinking of anemia.

Black Tea Benefits

Black tea is one of the most consumed type of tea in many countries and in our country. More precisely when called to mind first it is that tea and tea types, especially Turkey, are produced in large quantities in the Black Sea region. The benefits of black tea, we talked about at the beginning of the summer partially. In addition, we can sort the following benefits;

● Black tea may help fight stress and depression, it is a drink that has an effect on the nervous system. A small amount of caffeine.

● Black tea exhaustion and heat is removed helps keep the mind awake.

● Failure to avoid excess sugar not used and is beneficial for the digestive system.

Negative effects on the digestive system, it is believed that black tea. In fact, the cause of these claims arises from misuse. Excessive amounts cause iron deficiency black tea consumption site. The consumption to be solved this problem by downloading it to a healthy level and adding a few drops of lemon.

In addition, excessive use of sugar causes a decrease in the benefits of black tea. That’s why we recommend that consumed little or no sugar.

Lavender Tea Benefits

Lavender tea than Russia, raised in Africa and the Arab countries, and up to 70-80 centimeters longer. lavender widely used in the perfume industry are also consumed as a drink. The benefits of lavender tea able to sort as follows:

● Lavender tea is an effective drink to the health of the digestive system, relieves stress, eliminates insomnia problems.

● It has sedative properties of lavender tea can relieve anxiety and stress resulting from bad thoughts.

● Lavender tea is good for the digestive system can eliminate the bloating and gas problems.

● Headaches are thought to be good, you can even relieve migraine pain.

● Are useful for the airways, cough is removed.

● It is believed that the antipyretic properties of lavender tea.

● Lavender tea provides sweating and is considered to be of also antipyretic properties.

● Lavender tea is good for the digestive system may be a good solution for constipation problems.

● It helps remove toxins from the body, you can restrict the mobility of free radicals and may reduce their impact.

Warning: Lavender tea allergic reactions in people with sensitive body, can cause nausea and dizziness.

Some health care professionals that they should not consume lavender tea pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers during which they advocate.

Green Tea Benefits

In recent years the use of green tea are increasing as in other types of tea. The most important reason for the rise in recent years and an easy method of weakening the people’s obesity problems tend to be shown as green tea.

Today, green tea has become almost synonymous with a significant weakening condition but there are many benefits of green tea for health. In terms of the health benefits of green tea as possible to sort;

● Green tea can prevent atherosclerosis. As a result of regular green tea consumption protects heart health.

● Type II diabetes can maintain the balance of green tea, not correct to say that green tea improves the diabetes disease but can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

● Green tea may reduce the risk of intestinal disease, particularly colitis may also reduce the severity of disease.

● Green tea also contains important nutrients necessary for skin and hair health, protects the hair and skin health.

● It is a potent antioxidant in green tea can relieve the damage caused by free radicals. Especially breast cancer, skin cancer, can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

● Except that all of them benefit from the weakening of the green tea and are thought to promote weight loss.

Warning: 2-3 cups a day of green tea consumption does not pose a risk to health but in the case of overcoming the 5-6 cup, weakness, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and may be composed of a complex thought.

There are different opinions about green tea consumption during pregnancy and lactation. We do not recommend. The truth also to consult your doctor regarding this issue.

Heart medicine, antibiotics, blood thinning medications, we recommend that you consult your doctor if you consume sedative and antidepressant medication use.

Loss Tea

As long as it is not consumed in moderation and not true to say that no risk for the health of the tea species. If you are using different diseases due to the absolute necessarily tea and green tea in particular are advised to consult your doctor to use. The same goes for women during pregnancy and lactation.

We recommend the consumption of black tea with lemon juice to be consumed to cause iron deficiency and use the minimum amount of sugar.


When our country, as in many countries, unfortunately, comes to mind only tea called black tea. However, an unknown variety of tea can provide incredible benefits to health. That’s why we recommend the regular consumption of a wide range of teas.

Also instead of sugar to sweeten tea consumption, we highly recommend the honey and lemon juice to participate.

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