Benefits of Solar Lights

Benefits of Solar Lights

What are the Benefits of Solar? Sun health benefits, causes and effects of damage that needs to be done to protect against sun damage.

Benefits of Solar Radiation. Loss of the Sun’s Rays. You know the sun is told more benefits and losses.

go out, get air, feel the sunshine on everyone relaxes both physically and psychologically. Bored at home, the office go out to work tired of draw fresh air into your lungs creates a sense of relief. Some students prefer to work rather than work on the balcony of the house. Fresh air and natural light helps to better learning. House of artificial light that is obtained by electric light instead of sunlight is more beneficial. Just getting fresh air, it provides many health benefits besides relaxation.

Solar Benefits
Located in the center of the solar system it is a big star and planet is the source of life for all living things. The benefits of the sun with a direct impact on our lives, but the number does not end with this aspect.

What are the Benefits of Solar?
Moral store: Continuous standing in the home environment is more prone to depression. In this respect, during the hours when the sun is effective rub the sunscreen put on your glasses and get out. The sun’s rays will tend to increase the happiness hormone by providing the morale of the brain. In this way, your care and concern can be reduced.

Appetite is averaging: Helping to eliminate the feeling of hunger for the sun’s rays within psychologically relieved. During the winter months a sort of increase of weight gain caused so well. Sun makes no move to increase the energy levels and stimulate the stomach hunger too.

It strengthens bones: Vitamin D is good for muscle weakness. It helps in the regulation of heartbeat.To get the vitamin D we need five small meals throughout the day, ten glasses of orange juice and a week should you consume salmon that are quite difficult to implement it. liver and intestines need your vitamin D to become active in the body. Patients blocks the effects of a vitamin D gut or liver. Vitamin D is stored in the body it has the property so if you get plenty of sunlight every day, you avoid the potential problem of bone resorption. because it is particularly at risk of osteoporosis in women more than women need to pay attention to this situation.

Sun Health Benefits
1. The sun even five minutes a day benefit from osteoporosis, cancer, depression, diabetes, allows you to get ahead of the disease, such as obesity.

Vitamin D is supplied substantially from the sun. Vitamin D, which is essential in terms of health is in front of many diseases.

3. If there is the dark pigment, the sun you more than you need.

4. If you have light skin color, of course, we need much more protection from the sun. High savers face, neck, can protect from the harmful effects of the sun in your shoulders and arms. This is to receive the benefits of the sun and you will be well protected from damage. Keep the wear of the sun, which will be enough even less.

5. We have received over the summer sun stores in the fat cells in the winter. This shows plenty to take in the joys of winter on a sunny summer.

6. Sunbathing on the skin eczema, acne, it eliminates problems such as dandruff. Of course, because you thought it would be useful to make the skin under the sun for hours it is not the right move.

Solar Losses
Some losses as well as the benefits of the sun are also available. Some of them are as follows:

Sunburn: Stand in the sun or under the sun more people than the people as a result of normal time the name of sunburn problems occur. Such events occur ultraviolet B and A rays of the sun as a result of making many people. People who want to tan in the sun at times to be effective sunburn are common. How much will burn the people, the effects of violence and give people the sun can vary depending on the body type. Especially skin of people with fair skin are more sensitive than the more dark skin. This is while the sun in light-skinned people require them to be more careful.

Wrinkle: The sun’s rays can cause premature aging of people with sensitive skin structure. In particular, this situation is more common in fair-skinned people. This condition that causes the skin to wear has become a common shortage of people staying in the sun for too long. Sunlight causes the skin to sag over time. This is some of the ingredients contained in sunlight, people distortion of what is happening in the name of building the elastin in the skin. In people with the deterioration of these structures it seems to sagging skin.

Freckles: Flat, slightly wide, not too fluffy and light orange color and freckles, which are common in people who are generally too much sun. This is seen in the skin that freckles are sensitive to the effects of the sun. Especially when the blond-haired and pale-skinned summer months it can occur in people with freckles. This is not any damage, such as freckles can break a person’s health. However, a possible skin cancer may hide the symptoms of cancer of the existence of freckles.

Skin Stain: The sun’s rays can cause to people with skin blemishes. These stains in some places, some places are too dark can be very open. Some people are particularly light brown spots on the tops of her hands. Although these stains denilse age spots due to the effect of the sun is composed.

Farmers Her lips: Some people crack lips when it comes to summer and more dry. pain and bleeding can occur as a result of this institution. the rays of the sun, especially in the lower lip can cause such symptoms. Serious measures are not taken in time to be taken in these cases the person can lead to serious diseases such as cancer.

Melanoma: on skin melanoma skin cancer, which means I’m in the formation of the dark it is manifest. There is a change with me to grow and colors of skin cancer can also occur because of illness You can obtain sunlight. If he realizes that such a situation would be useful to yourself, you go to a skin doctor soon.

Cataract: Solar radiation is intense in peak hours, wear sunglasses or hats out while people are recommended. If measures are not taken people eye problems can occur. At the beginning of this problem comes from cataract disease. To protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen should never be forgotten when you go out.

Sunburn Case Necessary
Needs to be done in case of sunburn can be summarized as follows:

1. Sunburn should be done with a cold compress to the area. Cold shower, relax the skin.

2. Skin nourishing and moisturizing creams applied to the area.

3. Plenty of water should be consumed.

4. It requires the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.

5. Sunburn should avoid sun exposure until he recovers.

By these methods, if your condition does not control, dizziness in the body, if nausea as problems early show and if you have bubbles as blisters on your body, you should see a doctor without neglecting the absolute status.

Necessary to Protect from sun damage
Sun needs to be done to protect themselves from harm are as follows:

1. The sun’s rays from the sun should be avoided when it comes to other zones. These watches are generally 10.00 – is between 16.00.

2. Although the used sunscreen, glasses and large hats should be preferred.

Sunscreens are required to be renewed every two hours. If you entered the sea or the pool often leaving even more time it will be reduced.

4. Sunscreen should be noted that while part of the ear.

5. at least thirty minutes prior to sun exposure factor 30 sunscreen should be used. This cream is ultraviolet A and B rays have the barrier properties are important.

6. Ultraviolet rays sunscreen even on cloudy time for his infiltration of the cloud should be used, but care should be shown.

7. Although doing all the maintenance of your skin, your skin if you see a negative situation, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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