Benefits of Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil

One of the most useful products in terms of health is considered that the oil discovered about 5000 years ago. Because it contains very high nutrient are widely used in the treatment of diseases.

Olive oil is widely used in cosmetics since ancient Egyptian civilization. It is used as both internal and external. Except for skin and hair health in order to protect the health of the digestive system also it has been used since ancient times.

Olive oil is very rich in vitamins E and K terms. Other than that, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

He wrote that the olive oil is widely used since ancient times in cosmetics for skin health. For the treatment of many diseases other than that it is used in alternative medicine. Especially recommended for digestive problems and widely used. Constipation can bring instant solutions to problems. Apart from this, many diseases, especially heart and vascular health are thought to be good.

Skin Health Benefits of Olive Oil: Chemical structure of the skin’s natural oil is much more convenient. Thanks to this feature is especially helpful for dry skin. Besides, elbows and knees excessive drying result is very effective against sertmeş occurred. When used regularly it keeps the skin soft.

Stir into the avocado puree bring you apply the olive oil over your skin for 20-25 minutes will make your skin rejuvenation. If you do this, you can practice regularly helps to remove wrinkles from aging.

Extremely pure olive oil for people with dry skin problems by the evening before going to bed can solve this problem. The food contained in olive oil may facilitate the healing process as well as the patient’s skin. It is also used in the treatment of sunburn oil out of it.

The most important reason why it is so beneficial to the skin of healthy fats in olive oil, squalene and oleic acidas with phenolic antioxidant and is also rich in vitamin E. The mixture restricts the mobility of free radicals and prevents damage to the skin in a wide range. Element contained large amounts of olive oil can also prevent the formation of tumors. Features in the skin and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Olive oil also looking bad stretch on the skin, it can treat black spots and acne. It also helps to eliminate the cracks occurring in the skin. Simply applying to the said regions affected by the disease 3 times per week.

Olive oil is also used to remove makeup. Olive oil without causing hardening and nonirritating to the skin, unlike other chemicals allows removal of makeup.

Olive oil is an important source of healing for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is usually prone to allergies to other products. However, particularly olive oil can be used in the cleansing when mixed with castor oil. Skin from free radicals, the skin by removing dead cells and prevents the fat in a healthy way to breathe and be constantly moist. Apart from this, especially because it provides moisture to troubleshoot problems that occur in dry skin loss.

Made of olive oil is an effective antioxidant. Because of this property caused by free radicals, redness, irritation and can delay aging to problems. It also provides minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the regeneration of skin cells and continuous stay healthy.

When applied to the skin with olive oil mixed with sea water in particular can resolve problems that occur in dry skin. It allows the skin to be smooth. This application also what can be done to relax the whole body.

The olive oil contributes to skin health are endless, so widely used in skin mask.

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil Hair: In terms of hair Olive oil it has many health benefits. In particular it is a unique source of healing for dry hair. And soften dry hair. It helps to improve the curly hair.

Fill a bowl with water and 4 tablespoons olive oil and apply to your hair by mixing a spoonful of honey. This application will help you to live your hair a natural shine and softening. We waited this mixture in your hair for 20 minutes, you will also have to contribute to the health of the scalp.

Olive oil also provides oxygen to the hair. Drying damp hair and pour remaining possibility is weaker. olive oil applied to the hair for 5-10 minutes at the same time helps to strengthen the hair follicles.

Possible to say that is widely used for foot and hand care outside of the olive oil hair health. Pour a little olive oil to natural feet in warm water for the rest of the foot, although it is allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes in the water. This application helps both the feet and the rest of the removal of hard skin.

Digestive System is useful: After the hair and skin health would not be wrong to say that olive oil is beneficial to the digestive system too. Especially promotes an increase of bowel movements, can provide instant solutions to constipation and hemorrhoids. Apart from this digestion. Also thanks to the antioxidant properties can help cleanse the intestines.

Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer: Today, breast cancer is very common and is thought to reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Apart from this, postpartum and breastfeeding helps the healing of nipple cracks occurring in women.

Good diabetes Income: Olive oil contains chemicals aid in reducing blood sugar levels. Seeing the task of insulin in the body for patients olive oil may help to reduce the problem.

Blood Pressure Layouts: Blood pressure of olive oil and olive leaf is thought that in the healthy levels.

Good Cholesterol Olive Oil Revenue: As many scientific studies that relate to this topic, made reveals that olive oil is good for cholesterol. But the fact that natural olive oil provides the maximum level of benefits.

Olive Oil Protects Liver: Previously made from olive oil is a very effective antioxidant as we write. This feature reduces the overall damage caused by the body of free radicals, but because of the special meaning that can contribute to the incredibly most affected by liver health. Acting as a central clearing also protects the liver from possible harm of toxins.

Against Alzheimer’s Disease: Natural phenolic compounds in olive oil, oleocanthal’, ‘prevention of Alzheimer’s disease is extremely effective. According to scientists, the phytonutrient is the most important reason that causes the disease. Olive oil is the factor that will cause it to disappear, lets protect our brain and mental health.

Olive Protect Bone Health: Our olive oil in our bone mineralization, which are essential for our bodies, as well as arthritis, can promote the absorption of calcium. Also allows the flexing of the bone and reduces the fragility rates. With this feature, osteoporosis, may prevent the emergence of serious bone disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Protect the Mental Health: One of the most important health problem in our age of extreme stress and depression as a result of it. These two problems both our mental health is seriously threatening our physical health. But regular strength increases with stress and depression within the drink olive oil in certain cases, so as riskiniazalt dose of developing stress-related physical illnesses, mental and preserves our sanity.

Facilitates Weight Loss olive oil: Olive oil is beneficial to the health of the skin after most digestive health, we wrote before. The most important reason is especially encouraging bowel movements. As it facilitates digestion and digestion, it helps rid the body of the stool in an easy way. This feature helps to encourage weight loss of the oil. Especially still remaining intestines are prone to weight gain. Olive oil eliminates these elements makes it easier to lose weight.

Olive Oil Soap Benefits

The benefits of olive oil soap is limited to skin and hair health. Skin and contains vital minerals and vitamins for hair health. Olive oil soap, K, E and D vitamins contain. We can summarize the benefits in terms of health as olive oil soap;

● Olive oil soap, especially for people with hair loss may be an alternative solution. It can prevent hair loss.

● Olive oil soap is also fixed against the skin irritation occurring. Almost all are useful for different skin types. It is effective against acne and pimples.

● Olive oil soap is also useful for oily skin. It cleans oily skin while providing moisture and elasticity of the skin and helps to moisturize dry skin by providing the opening of the pores.

● Hands and feet can also be used for general cleaning in particular. It is good for skin diseases.

● Health experts argue that it is good for psoriasis and eczema is a very common disease.

● Olive oil soap also mushrooms, is believed to be good for eczema and similar skin diseases.

● if used regularly, can prevent dry skin rashes and white gives a natural glow to the skin and synthetic.

Olive oil Losses

Olive oil is beneficial for health in general. But when some special cases and excessive consumption can cause some side effects. Possible loss of the olive oil to be listed as follows;

● Excessive consumption of olive oil can cause blockages in the arteries.

● However, excessive consumption of olive oil can also cause deterioration of body fat balance.

● Prolonged skin can cause irritation to apply olive oil. It should be applied regularly, but periodically leaving gaps.


We have discussed in detail the benefits of olive oil. The maximum degree must be genuine to take advantage of the health benefits of olive oil. Apart from this long-term internal and external use can cause more harm than benefit. Especially consumed excessively drunk leads to negative consequences in the digestive system. That’s why we recommend the consumption of regular but small amounts.

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