Benefits of Olive Calories and Nutritional Value

Benefits of Olive Calories and Nutritional Value

Turkish cuisine is among the essential components of olive and breakfast. World indispensable with breakfast in the kitchen of many countries and breakfast, breakfast is among the indispensable and olive. If you wish to table olives derivatives are kingly There is always there. Black olives, green olives, red pepper stuffed into what we call olives filling materials such as salami are among the olives consumed frequently.

The only answer to the envy of youth formula of the Aegean and Mediterranean people to take part in the first row of nutritious fruits, day energetic and fit to help you get started, makes vitamins and reasons such as being rich in mineral terms olives for centuries indispensable.

Oleaceae adapting to this climate of Mediterranean fruit family, all seasons protecting the green (evergreen leaves other words) is a species of tree. Therefore, both the Aegean and the Mediterranean and is easily grown in South Marmara. the olive tree is known to have survived.

So that could be handed down from generation to generation are among the most valuable tree species. It begins to bear fruit in the next 5 years after planting because they look good condition.

However, the most productive period that gave the most fruit of an olive tree 35 – 150 years. This tree may reach up to 10 meters long, also it lives up to approximately 1000 years. Another feature of the olive tree is also bearing fruit in less than a year, while many other fruits.

This is why the tree herself this way rest and prepare for another year. oil can be obtained from these fruits can be consumed as a fruit of the olive tree olives.

Nutritional Value of Olive

100 g green olives (about 50 pieces);

● 145 calories
● 15 g fat
● 4 g carbohydrates
● 1 g of protein
● 92 mg Omega 3 fatty acids
● 1215 mg of omega-6 fatty acids
● 3.3 g dietary fiber (13% of daily needs)
● 393 IU of vitamin A (8% of daily needs)
● 3.8 mg vitamin E (the daily requirement (19%)
● 1.4 mcg of vitamin K (2% of the daily requirement)
● 0.2 mg niacin (1% of the daily requirement)
● 3 mcg folate (1% of the daily requirement)
● 52 mg calcium (5% of the daily requirement)
● 0.5 mg of iron (3% of the daily requirement)
● 11 mg magnesium (3% of the daily requirement)
● 42 mg of potassium (1% of the daily requirement)
● 0.1 mg of copper (6% of the daily requirement)
● 0.9 mcg selenium (1% of the daily requirement) includes

* These figures were created based on the USDA’s 2000 calorie diet. People of vitamins, minerals, proteins, calories and other nutrients to the health needs may vary according to age and gender.

Note 1: If salt is marinated olives 100g olive contains 1556 g of sodium and this rate is equivalent to 65% of the recommended daily intake of salt. You can spend 2-3 times to reduce the amount of salt water in the olives.

Note 2: Black olives are high in calories than green olives. 100 grams of the same amount found in green olives contains 145 calories, about 210 calories black olives.

What are the Benefits of Olive?

● Olive has a tremendous influence on the circulatory system in the affirmative. Free radicals are known on cholesterol huge drawbacks. the excess of these radicals can increase the risk of heart attack by threatening cardiovascular health. Olive, because from what you have in free radical fighting antioxidants protect the cardiovascular health, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.
● With olive can protect the cardiovascular health. Heart rhythm disorders olive consumption to the problem- recommended.
● With olive oil obtained from the fruit juices by both supports them to stay healthy blood cells.
● Two of the factors that play an important role in the development of cancer, chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties of olive is the forefront in the fight against cancer. In this sense, the abundant and regular consumption of olive is recommended for the protection of health.
● Research conducted in recent years indicate that extra virgin olive oil is effective in preventing colon cancer.
● Also olive DNA is one of the few nutrients that play an active role in the protection.
● The greatest enemy of olive known as bad cholesterol helps keep cholesterol in balance with adequate consumption.
● Olive certain group referenced to help in the treatment of allergic effects have been proven in the field. However, this does not apply to all allergic conditions.
● that everyone knows how important it is for the body of the iron. the hair and nails until he was in need of cells also need iron. Green and black olives is rich in iron. In addition, the level of iron in the body is adequately supports the preservation of red blood cells.
● Olive, easy on the stomach, making a food shortage such as bloating or gas after consumption. Ulcers, gastritis, which can relieve stomach distress by eating olives. However, this article only applies to black olives. Because most of the time is too sour and salty green olives. These features are not especially recommended for people with stomach problems as well. (Stomach finds that people actually this is the logic of giving a piece of bread with a few black olives)
● We said earlier that the antioxidants include olive. In further comprising hydrate and fatty acids. Hydrate and essential fatty acids in the hair care, are substances that can be used in medicine. With these ingredients olives, you can use in hair care, you can see the positive impact of food consumption more precisely.
● However, vitamin E can be found in the content. young skin foods rich in vitamin E, provides a tight and healthy looking.
● Thanks in particular to contain vitamin A reduces the risk of experiencing problems of cataract disease known as advanced age. Yet to say that the age-related eye disease related preventive properties of olive show would not be wrong.
● However, if you want to see the impact in this area it is absolutely green olives olives that you consume. Because black olives in a while Vitamin rate of 60 green olives, this ratio is up to 300. Furthermore, old age or more calories, which also ideal for those who want to get fat again is absolutely green olives. (The fat content of 21 black olives, green olives is around 13.5) should make them know and consumption accordingly.

Note: 40, proportionate given here – are issued in over 50 olive and average.

What are the Benefits of Olive Leaf?

● Olive leaf is highly effective in chronic sinusitis. for the treatment and prevention of sinusitis has healing properties.
● Harmful bacteria-induced diarrhea can be used safely. faster healing in a patient by the use of olive leaves are observed.
● Olive; leaves are heart friendly with fruit and oil. Heart regularly contributes to the blood pumping action. In a sense, regulate the heart rhythm.
● Olive leaf has antioxidant properties, like fruit. In areas where the body’s detox in need of a good detox product.
● Olive leaf plays an important role in keeping blood pressure in balance. Therefore, it is recommended that those high blood pressure problems.
● This fruit leaf virus, bacteria, fungus has been decimated with repellent properties of the body. In this sense, is supportive of the immune system is considered handled.

How to Use Olive Leaf?

dried olives collected in accordance with evergreen leaves finely chopped. Then 3 teaspoon dried and chopped 1 cup boiling water is added on top of olive leaves. It is expected to infuse for 10 minutes. drink filtered at the end of the period.

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