Benefits of Making Sex

Benefits of Making Sex

Sex! The doors to the rooms closed, every moment is special… Our normal life is regular sexual life in marriage brings many positive effects. Especially after childbirth do not neglect your sex life.

Article 28 The benefits of sexy!

Sex is the most intimate and the most special moments of the couple. It provides more to get closer. And many more things. The positive effects of Women’s Health Center Executive Women give some tips so you can see Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists.

1-) General health effects
Experienced lovingly love sex is good for the entire body. Happy sex life in the face of which is reflected even in the stroll. If you have a good sex life with your partner before you have it, and especially to revive frayed after birth.

2-) It prevents you from gaining weight:
A bedroom for half an hour can give the key yl 200-250 calorie burning weight, you can get rid of your excess weight.

3-) It protects the heart and cardiovascular health:
According to the research week in men who have sex four or more of the risk of heart attack it was observed to decrease by half.

4-) It reduces the risk of stroke:
Regular sexual intercourse with reduced risk of stroke in men and women.

5-) Insomnia resolves the problem:
During sexual intercourse, and is known as a natural purple for the body of the end f n (happiness hormone) and leaves the place to relax your body and your relationship after a good night’s sleep. If you or your partner’s sleep problems, try these methods.

6-) Your sense of smell will develop:
With the smell of your brain during orgasm, the hormone prolactin secretion is stimulated and the center will be developed so that your sense of smell after regular sex.

7-) It slows the aging process:
Researchers relationship with aging is reduced to 100 times per year according to your skin and flourish.

8 – ) Strengthens your immune system:
According to research, 1 or 2 times a week to do sex acts to increase the rate of 30% on your immune system. In this way, you become immune to the disease.

9-) Pain is reduced:
You have to reject your spouse ‘Can I have a headache.” Excuse will no longer be valid. Because sexual intercourse and end thanks to hormones secreted during orgasm you will see that your fi n hormonu your pain decreases with elevation. In this way a satisfactory sex, migraine and vascular (vascular) allows the reduction of headaches.

10-) It puts your body form:
Do a lot of muscle and skeletal systems of the body during intercourse work in coordination and perform an intense exercise. This helps your body into shape your regular sex.

11-) It strengthens our bones:
Of testosterone secreted during sex has bone strengthening effects.

12-) Effects on women’s health
Sex is good for our physical health. Energetic, and a living body. A strong reproductive organ, owned by a woman with a regular sex life pleasing characteristics.

13-) Strengthen your pelvic muscles:
Pelvis during sex that works as many muscle coordination in the pelvis. In this manner the bladder is often seen in women after menopause, uterine and intestinal sagging is reduced.

“You can resolve the tensions that occur in sex marriage. Sex life, but not always effective in solving the slightest tension.”

14-) It reduces menstrual pains:
Another issue is the reduction of menstrual cramps sex was effective. You can see a significant reduction in menstrual cramps after regular relationship.

15-) Organizes your ads:
According to surveys of women who have sex once a week compared to women who have sex once a month were more regular menstrual cycle.

16-) The blood circulation will affect your pelvic region in a positive way:
Sexual intercourse and increase the blood supply to the uterus in the pelvic area during orgasm, your ability to see many healthy organ function, such as your tubes and ovaries are affected positively.

17-) It reduces vaginal dryness:
Regular sex vagina and pelvic venous circulation as a result of good growth, particularly in the incidence of vaginal dryness, problems often occur after menopause reduced. Because your vaginal wet vagina consists of its vascular structures.

18-) Sex sex increases:
Testosterone is the hormone that causes an increase in your libido increased after each sex made. This hormone stimulates sexual desire again. This situation can also experience the opposite; If you can live a long life without sex sexual desire due to hormonal decline over time.

19-) Effects on psychological health and family health
The ancients say? ‘Bed no mid-morning!’ In fact, experts are trying to spread the cream in modern times this fi. If you have a discussion with your partner how you can solve in a day live the majority of their sexuality.

20-) Family supports the integrity and continuity:
From time to time take care of your marriage can solve the tensions as a result of the discussions of sex with your partner. In this way, regular sex to meditation and the integrity of family therapy as an indispensable element for the sustainability and healthy.

21-) A place for you to overcome your own limits ‘excuse’ would be:
Yourself during sexual relationship with the natural state; happy, aggressive, passionate and exciting way, freeing you from the monotony of day makes you act like you reveal you.

22-) Increase your self-confidence:
Do you love your partner including the physical and emotional aspects of transport saturation lets you count yourself happy by you. You begin to like it more this way yourself.

23-) Differentiates your living space:
Wife with sexual disharmony, dissatisfaction or failure of many couples who had given themselves another deal, especially as found in the studies they included in their business life extremely workaholic. Sexual life evolving in a positive direction, people living with love and passion in style is seen to change the priorities for re around areas of life.

24-) You are offered with the most beautiful fruit in the world:
Two of the most indispensable partner in the world, of course, love each other, they create the fruit of love. Common sense of all couples bring a healthy baby into the world and ideal. In this way, marriage is gaining much more sense and taste.

25-) Regular sex reduces the risk of premenstrual syndrome:
According to the studies experienced in premenstrual distress and pain it has decreased with regular sex.

26-) Male reduces the risk of prostate cancer:
Prostate cancer in men who live 20 or more months, according to research ejaculation frequency is reduced. Meanwhile recall; life in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, the most common types of cancer in men are saved.

27-) It increases the hormone DHEA:
DHEA is secreted from the adrenal gland is an androgen hormone derivative falling in both men and women to aging. DHEA increases sexual desire, it slows the aging process, protects against depression, strengthens the muscles and skeletal structure. DHEA is secreted during all sexual intercourse, ejaculation and orgasm arrived to the moment when full of blood out of 5 times the normal level.

28-) Laughter increases the frequency and dosage:
a good and regular sex life also allows you to be your friendly. Every day 1-0 start, you can distribute around you smile with happiness and peace.

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