Benefits of Lemons

Benefits of Lemons

Lemon health benefits is something that has been known for generations. High blood pressure, respiratory disorders, burns, obesity, internal bleeding, dental problems, fever, constipation, indigestion, lemon is used in the treatment of throat infections. Also in hair and skin care it is an important contribution lemon. In addition, lemon known to have therapeutic properties since ancient times, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the stomach and blood.

The most common use of lemon goes a different disorders with different applications of lemon juice. It provides reduction and lowering the body temperature of lemon juice kidney stones stroke. Known as a refreshing lemonade drink helps the body stay cool and calm.

Lemons contain plenty of vitamin C. Lemon we consume in a day, we have on average 50% of vitamin C which our body needs in a day. Lemon also contains large amounts of vitamin. Besides the very rich potassium, calcium and copper.

Lemon Health Benefits

Lemon’s health making it useful vitamin C, B vitamins, phosphorus, are very rich in nutritious elements such as proteins and carbohydrates. However, the cancer-fighting antioxidant lemon, a fruit containing composites and flavonoids. These nutrients, diabetes, constipation, elevated blood pressure, fever, and is used to treat indigestion and likewise many other problems in the skin, are used for the teeth and hair. American Urological Association’s activities carried out by blocking the formation of urinary crystals of lemonade and lemon juice in the results revealed that prevents the formation of kidney stones by producing citrate.

Mixed with olive oil and lemon juice to drink to get rid of gallstones. It also enables the dispersion of the smell of lemon mosquitoes. lemon-known feature of effective treatments for rheumatic diseases is also a good income. According to the study conducted by the Annals, lemon and provide protection against inflammatory polyarthritis arthritis.

Indigestion and constipation Benefits: Lemon juice helps to eliminate problems such as indigestion and constipation. A glass mixed with a few drops of lemon juice is effective against indigestion. Be careful, not to be confused with milk and lemon. Because of the blood cleansing properties of lemon is good to drink after lunch and dinner can be consumed mixed with fresh lime soda. When you prepare the lemonade mix to get more efficiency, crushed fennel seeds, mint leaves can even add honey. If you are having problems of indigestion, especially after dinner can help significantly to fix lemonade or lemon juice indigestion.

Fire Benefits: Lemon juice, colds, flu or fever is good for people who suffer. Prevent increasing fever and sweating during illness.

Benefits to the teeth: Lemon juice is used in dental care. Fresh lemon juice is a good income and pain of toothache. Furthermore, lemon juice, gum disease and the bleeding is good to bad breath. Lemon juice thereof as a supporting element may also be used in addition to normal dentifrice. Squeezing a few drops of lemon juice you put the toothpaste on the toothbrush to brush your teeth, you can do this. Also, your teeth with lemon peel and rub your gums. Lemon can cause a burning sensation because it contains a high degree of acid, burning through you rinse your mouth immediately in this case.

Hair Benefits: Especially lemon juice is used mainly for hair care. Lemon juice baldness, hair and scalp are used for maintenance. However, the problem with the scalp is good. If you apply lemon juice directly on your hair, it gives a natural shine to your hair.

Skin benefits: Because lemon is a natural antiseptic medicine has the ability to treat problems with the skin. Lemon juice occurring due to excessive sun burns and pain resulting from a bee sting has reducing property. Lemon juice can be applied to the skin of patients with acne and eczema diseases. An anti-aging cream acts. Wrinkles or expenses occurring in the blackness of the skin. When applied to the skin mixed with water and honey, it gives a natural shine. When you do very good research you can find lime products used in cosmetics, but it is quite difficult to find such products. In addition, when applied to the hardened layer formed lemon juice feet and hands improves that area, removes the dead skin cells in the cured layer.

Benefits of burns: Has the ability to treat burns that occur in the skin, it is used alongside lemon juice to eliminate the scars caused due to burns, burns relieves pain.

Internal bleeding Benefits: Lemon has antiseptic and anti-coagulant properties and is used to stop internal bleeding. When applied to the nose with a small cotton, stop the bleeding at the nose.

Weight for export: Warm water or lemon juice mixed with honey drink that helps you get rid of your weight.

Benefits of the Respiratory Disorders: To ward off asthma attacks and respiratory problems in has the ability to provide relief. Rich lemon juice contains vitamin C, long-term help to those living with serious respiratory problems.

Cholera Benefits: The lemon blood-cleaning feature we mentioned above. Thus, diseases such as cholera and malaria can be treated with lemon juice.

Benefits of the feet: Lemon, aromatic and antiseptic, provide relief and relaxation in the feet. To do this, heat a little water and add lemon juice, a few months ago when your muscles relax and put your feet will feel immediately that this water relaxation.

Rheumatism Benefits: Another feature is the fact that the lemon diuretic. This feature is effective in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis due. It expels bacteria and toxins in the body.

Benefits the Throat Infection: Lemon is very well known because of its antibacterial properties that can fight with throat infections is very good and effective fruit.

High Blood Pressure Benefits: A rich source of potassium lemon is very useful for those who suffer heart disease. There are soothing to the mind and body, because dizziness, has the ability to counteract the nausea and high blood pressure. Widely used to reduce stress and depression severity.

It provides hydration and natural shine. Mix the coconut with a few drops of lemon juice. Lemon coconut hydrating your skin will give a natural glow.

It corrects darkening in the elbows and knees. If the blackout occurred in the elbows and knees, apply to the decision to split into two parts lemon. Over time you will see that to tarnish.

Black Dot is used for the treatment. It can be treated literally, but there is also the ability to treat acne lemon. Long-term use, there are experts who say that eliminating black spots.

Tooth whitening. Mix baking soda and lemon juice and apply to your teeth. Then brush your teeth and rinse. You will be surprised at the brightness of your teeth.

It allows you to lose weight. Lemon will be your biggest help in melting the excess fat.

Treat cracks on lips. If you apply a few drops of lemon juice to your lips before going to bed removes dead cells and revitalizes the cracks.

Warning: There are very serious cracks are doing it.

It strengthens nails. Your nails dry and brittle if you can get rid of this problem by applying the lemon juice, however, it removes yellowing especially common in people who smoke it too.

Lemon provides a significant contribution to the hair and scalp health. While gaining a natural shine to the hair, it strengthens the scalp is effective against dandruff.

Benefits of Lemon Juice

A cup lemon juice contains 25 calories. Calcium, potassium, is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C and pectin fiber. However, there have medical significance and antibacterial properties. Further comprising substantially of iron and vitamins.

Lemon juice, due to the therapeutic properties of lemon is popular because it is a fruit and helps maintain the immune system, frees you from the jaws of most types of infection. It also purifies the blood. With superb antiseptic properties of lemon juice and contain potassium which can work wonders for people with heart problems. Every morning a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice on a regular basis can be found in the amazing contribution to your health. The other benefits of lemon juice able to be listed as follows;

● Lemon juice meet the body’s need for vitamin C.

● Lemon juice is very beneficial for colon health. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial fiber and pectin to make significant contributions to colon health.

● It stabilizes the pH in the body,

● In the morning drink warm water with lemon juice throws toxins from the body,

● It provides digestive, and strengthens the ballast,

● Infection on the growth of pathogenic bacteria which cause diseases and helps prevent proliferation.

● Uric acid producing joint and knee pain and helps to reduce inflammation,

● It helps to cure colds,

● Lemon juice because it contains potassium helps the brain and nerve cells,

● It strengthens the liver,

● One cup of concentrated lemon juice balances the calcium and oxygen in the liver,

● Skin is very useful, it prevents wrinkles and acne,

● Lemon balances the diminishing salinity water from the site. Lemon juice, salt balance the diminishing proportion of the human body.

Benefits of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil, bacteria and viruses are one of the most important items that you can use to our defense, there shall always be so in a corner of your medicine chest.

● Coughing, is good for colds and nasal congestion. If you feel a tightness in the chest or throat through your throat and chest rub a few drops of lemon oil. Repeat this several times a day. Those with respiratory problems can make up lemon oil.

● Hot tea is good for 1-2 drops of lemon oil layer of the disease occurring in our throat.

● Have your nail fungus? lemon oil add cumin oil twice a day and apply two drops of your nails.

● Does he feel under severe stress and worry? You should consult your doctor first, and then get a flavor of the lemon oil on a regular basis. Your ears to your wrist back and a drop of lemon oil creeps. Deeply inhale the scent. This is a great way to protect your mental health, it resolves concerns. Even calming influence to benefit the maximum degree of lemon oil mixed with water, take a shower.

● Blisters on your skin, you have eczema, calluses or other types of diseases? Apply lemon oil to this area 2-3 times a day, you’ll see that does not heal in a few days. Every day after this operation, be sure to grab your hand very well.

● Are you trying to lose weight? Your weight loss and mood, on a regular basis will help you protect what is to drink a glass of water by adding 2-3 drops of lemon oil. This helps your digestive system work more effectively. The pleasant taste of lemon oil flavoring, has a refreshing effect.

● Do you feel in your mouth or palate itching? Put 1-2 drops of lemon oil directly onto your tongue and palate also apply to your language. The antiviral and antibacterial properties is here to break the germs and viruses.

● Lemon oil once a week put the toothpaste. It will refresh your mouth and brush your teeth will rid germs.

● If you suffer from allergic rhinitis, did you? 2-3 times a day to combat seasonal allergies ear lemon oil underneath the nose to the back, if the smell bothers you stand underneath the lemon oil.

Attention: Lemon oil can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Keep lemon oil of yourself so the sun for 72 hours if you apply directly to your skin.

Benefits of Lemon Peel

If after consuming to read carefully this part lemon juice and lemon peel at your number ones. After reading this section, because you will have seen the benefits of lemon peel.

● Lemon peel is very beneficial for bone health. Lemon peel contains high calcium and vitamin C, so it’s also good for rheumatism diseases.

● Stress is good. It helps reduce oxidative stress in Lemon. Lemon bioflavonoids, which are highly effective in combating stress due to the content.

● It eliminates toxins. Bioflavonoids, found in lemon peel helps get rid of toxins in our body.

● Fight cancer. The killing of lemon juice for the prevention of cancer and cancer cells are also used for treatment purposes.

● Reduce cholesterol. With the polyphenol flavonoids contained in the lemon rind allows the cholesterol balance, thus contributing to the maintenance of cardiovascular health.

● It protects heart health. Highly available potassium in lemon peel, balances blood pressure. In addition, lemon peel heart attack, significantly contributes to the prevention of diabetes and heart disease.

● It maintains the oral health. Lemon peel is the perfect fruit for oral health and hygiene. Stops bleeding caused due to deficiency in vitamin C strengthens the teeth and gums. Vitamin C deficiency that fix lemon peel, prevents diseases of the gums may occur.

● It helps to lose weight. Comprising a component known as lemon peel pectin helps to lose weight with the help of these components.

● Maintaining skin health helps greatly. Lemon peel is effective in preventing skin diseases such as acne and black stains on the skin. Such diseases free radicals play an important role in the process of treatment, destroy existing antioxidant, it protects the skin from very rich lemon peel in terms of viruses and microbes.

● It helps against muscle contraction,

● Anime and facial paralysis as used in the treatment of mild problems,

● It increases blood circulation,

● It is good to have ear infections,

● Strengthen capillary vessels is one of the rare food source,

● Liver has cleaning properties,

Bütün bunların dışında limon kabuğunun içerdiği vitamin ve elementlerin genel anlamda vücudumuza birçok faydası vardır.

Benefits of Lemon Tea

Tea perhaps in our daily lives that we are among the most consumed beverages. There are many different varieties, but is probably the most consumed lemon tea. Especially when we are suffering from colds and infectious diseases in winter, or we consume plenty to get caught. There is no special preparation of tea and a lemon shape and does not have any damage.

● Lemon tea is known for its natural antiseptic properties. When drunk with lemon ginger tea is good against colds and flu. 3-4 cups of lemon tea drunk daily, especially in the winter months usually protects you against disease outbreak in the winter and strengthen the immune system against the disease.

● Lemon tea is beneficial in many parts of the body and usually takes the role of cleaning. While purifies the blood of toxins helps significantly to the preservation of mental health. Germs also allows the young to stay clear of toxins.

● Due to the antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is very effective against diseases caused by infection.

● After the surgery is used as a therapeutic process. Edema formation after surgery will prevent conditions such as blood clotting. It recommends lemon tea to reduce the risk of many doctors edema. Besides the effects from anesthesia removes toxins. Unrest in the women’s menstrual period expenses are accepted.

● Cancer has preventive properties. Lemon tea components, a profound effect on free radicals. Regularly cancer risk of people consuming lemon tea, consume less than s.

● In the morning, drink a cup of lemon juice throughout the day will keep you fit, but also strengthen your metabolism and influences the mood is good,

● Lemon tea warm when cold weather allows us to accelerate the flow of blood to drink. In particular, it contributes significantly to the problems of cold.

Health Hazards of Limon

There is no evidence that lemon is harmful to health, but needs to be restricted in some special cases lemon consumption.

● Generally not recommended for children,

● Pregnancy and breast-feeding is not recommended in the process,

● People with high blood pressure should be done very carefully the issue of consumption,

● Person with irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea should avoid consumption of lemon,

● If you used drugs, such as ayurvedic or homeopathic preparations for any disease, you should make sure to consult with your doctor lemon consumption.

● Especially in fair-skinned people can lead to skin problems. That’s why fair-skinned people are at the point of application to the skin of the lemon and byproducts to be careful.

Recommendation: Fresh lemon is found in more than April. But production of the year because it is so easy to have the whole month and a fruit is very important in terms of health. When we look, we see that in general the lemon protects us spiritually and physically healthy body. So it should be consumed regularly and continuously. Especially due to the antioxidant properties to protect against common diseases resulting from winter colds we must necessarily consume lemon regularly. Due to this, as well as contributing to mental health, even in the summer it should be consumed throughout the year. Especially ourselves because of our work or other reasons that we feel is useful to be consumed during the period under severe stress.

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