Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee

Rubiaceae is obtained by roasting coffee with fruit trees belonging to two dicotyledons class family. It was first found in Ethiopia in high mountainous areas. There are two cores in a cove with aromatic flowers and cherry-like fruit. This 2 seed in the fruit. also it is known as the coffee cherry to that obtained from fruit reminiscent of cherries. The smell of coffee beans resemble the scent of jasmine. The core is white, has a rigid structure and a deep line in the middle part. 3 years after being grown in tropical climates hot coffee trees planted will begin to bear fruit and the fruit of 30 years of continuous data. World coffee production in Brazil rope göğüslerk that comes in its wake Vietnam and Colombia. Since 2004, Mersin and Anamur, just enter our country in the production of coffee carried out by the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim much like the coffee he drank during his visit to Yemen. Coffee was introduced by two Venetian merchants from Europe to Istanbul. two Venetian merchants that leads to the liking of the taste of coffee that has been introduced by European countries Istanbul coffee. Today, coffee is the largest trading arm in the world after oil.

Coffee beans chlorogenic acid, acetic, citric and malic acid Antioxidants, cafe’s, contains.

Coffee’s Health Benefits

a cup of coffee while religion is good for the liver, stomach upset and headache. Preventing the spread of cancer cells with antioxidants. The body by stimulating the nervous system gives strength and energy. stimulating the brain concentration increases. Largely prevents the formation of gallstones. cellulite coffee with recent research has revealed that expenditure. In men, the greater quality and a large number of sperm production. Pregnancy period in which coffee should not be consumed more than 300 thiazolidinediones and the unborn baby’s caffeine content in coffee experts agree about the damage. Type 2 diabetes by coffee consumption is not recommended.

Mind on the Benefits of Coffee: Coffee cafe’s in active content, increases the concentration of the mind by allowing to remain vigilant. The mind helps make it more resilient and vigilant. Also every morning drinking a cup of coffee to start the day allows you more alert and energetic. It eliminates stress and raises blood pressure.

Coffee Helps Weight Loss: caffeine contained in coffee is an ideal material for burning fat. As a result of research related to this issue have revealed that coffee speeds up metabolism studies.

Tea Physical Performance Increases: It sends signals to the nervous system and increases the adrenaline in the blood levels of caffeine in the same way to send signals to fat burning body fat cells located caffeine coffee. In this case the body for intense physical exercise is beneficial to make ready. Because of this feature, players are sure to consume coffee before starting their training.

Coffee Can Reduce Type II Diabetes Risk: There are 300 million people suffering from paralysis cases due to type 2 diabetes worldwide. So much diabetes is a serious health problem. Insulin deficiency results revealed the rise of blood sugar. Coffee reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

These studies coffee drinkers the detection rate of diabetes made on the subject was 67% (23, 24, 25, 26, 27) as a higher reduction is observed, i.e. compared to consume consume coffee developing the disease RSI of 23 to 50 is lower than lower%.

According to the results of this research, people who consume a cup of coffee every day, the rate of developing type 2 diabetes decreased by 7%.

Coffee Protects from Alzheimer’s Disease: Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common diseases. The disease usually affects people over the age of 65. Unfortunately, there is no known method of treatment for Alzheimer’s. However, if the beginning stages of the disease can be detected in some measures. As a result of research carried out coffee, healthy nutrition and exercise, as some measures can prevent the disease. Several studies show that coffee drinkers Alzheimer’s detection rate was 65% lower than those of coffee diseases.

Coffee Reduces the Parkinson’s disease risk: After Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, the second most common neurodegenerative disorder worldwide is. The disease causes the death of brain dopamine-producing neurons. as in Alzheimer’s disease, there is no known cure of the disease.

The research on this disease has revealed that caffeine reduces the risk of disease contained in the coffee. According to some research about those who consume 60% of people consume coffee have revealed that less contracted Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee Protects Liver Health: Hundreds of the most important functions of the liver is one of the most important organs of the body yürürt. Especially cirrhosis of the liver disease is difficult to treat disease is very common in the past. This issue with the relevant research on day 4 cup of coffee consumed, the liver disease to capture Ties especially compared to those consuming less than 80% of cirrhosis.

Coffee Helps Fight Against Depression: Quality of life, depression is a serious mental disorder that causes significant reduction. Depression is a common disorder incredible, because it is so insidious that sometimes people can not even understand depression. US sees approximately 4.1% of the people still treat clinical depression.

scientific research conducted in the US related to this issue have revealed that daily consumption of 3-4 cups of coffee make a great contribution in the fight against depression. Regular coffee consumption may reduce by 50% the risk of getting depressed.

Coffee Can Protect Cancer of the disease: Of cancer is among the most common diseases in the world today. Coffee liver cancer, colorectal cancer, including two types seem to be protective against cancer. Scientific studies have demonstrated that coffee drinkers reduce by 40% the risk of developing lung cancer. Coffee reduces the rate of colorectal cancer by 15%.

Tea Protects Heart Health and Reduce the Risk of Stroke: It is often claimed that caffeine increases blood pressure. It is true, however, and a small amount of regular coffee consumption does not cause it. But suffering from serious blood pressure is a drink that must stay away. Many coffee consumption according to the results of scientific research, particularly by 20% compared with those who consume less risk to women’s heart disease.

Special Notice: Coffee for heart patients could not find the results of a scientific study that good. Therefore we recommend to consult their doctor about the dose of coffee consumption and heart disease. They go to show that healthy people reduce the risk for heart disease, your doctor should determine how much it is safe for heart patients.

Other Health Benefits of Coffee terms: Those who consume the consumption of coffee by is less risk of sudden death, which ensures longevity, to be good for diabetics because it helps in weight loss in people who diet point, because it is rich in antioxidants to say that protection from diseases caused by free radicals.

Turkish Benefits of Coffee
Turkish coffee is among the pleasures of drinks consumed for centuries. But most of us do not know the benefits in terms of health. Turkish coffee prepared at home are healthier than those sold in pre-packaged necafe. According to the types of instant coffee is prepared in a natural way and the other is for the filter to be much healthier. Consuming more sugar to the mixing consumption can lose weight.

● 2 cups of Turkish coffee a day when regularly consumed colon, reduces the risk of breast and rectal cancer.

● Slow aging retards the aging of the skin to have antioxidant property of Turkish coffee, whole body skin and protects from diseases caused by free radicals.

● Type 2 diabetes is helpful to the patient, reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

● It regulates blood pressure, protects from excessive blood pressure problems.

● Parkinson’s reduces the risk of mental disorders, especially, opens the mind, strengthens the memory.

● Turkish coffee is said to be good for asthma, due to the antioxidant properties of airway inflammation resolves, open bronchial tubes.

● good income to cirrhosis, it energizes and enhances the initiative.

● It strengthens bones alone, it is detrimental to bone health as excessive use of the elderly.

● There will increase the influence of painkillers feature some experts that a 30% increase in the influence of painkillers They are saying.

● Depression is effective against stress and neurological diseases, nerve has soothing properties.

Coffee Grounds to:
——After drinking a lot of us coffee for we do not know the benefits of coffee grounds we assign the grounds, while the coffee grounds of there are benefits in terms of both health and some conveniences in our daily life with different usage and provides benefits.

● Coffee grounds are particularly useful for skin and hair health. When you drop the coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil to soften your skin. Cellulite is resolved, mix it thoroughly and apply coffee grounds with a little olive oil to gently cleanse cellulite after waiting 5-10 minutes with warm water. 2-3 times a week you will find that coffee makes this application helps to solve the problem of cellulite grounds.

● You can also use coffee grounds to protect the health of hair. Apply to clean hair coffee grounds and after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water to purify. This application will give your hair a healthy shine.

● Coffee grounds also eliminate dead cells and bad smell on the hands. Apply gently for 4-5 minutes on your hands with warm water and purify.

Benefits of Coffee Menengiç
——Menengiç coffee is kind of a little-known but excellent coffee and authentic taste. Turpentine alone after drinking coffee because not try to eat the kernel is very bitter taste. Menengiç coffee sodium, potassium and are rich in calcium, vitamin E and B as well.

● Menengiç of coffee are especially significant contribution to the problems of the respiratory tract, it facilitates breathing, asthma is good, has expectorant cough drops and feature addresses the chest pain.

● It is useful for the digestive system, can help to loss of intestinal worms.

● Stomach is helpful. It provides relief of stomach pain.

● Heart failure reduces the risk of disease.

● It has the ability to troubleshoot foot odor.

● It lowers cholesterol and prevent hardening of the arteries.

● It protects bone health because it contains high amounts of calcium.

Benefits of Coffee Beans
There are many benefits for the health of the coffee beans, roasted coffee alone form the antioxidant benefit to the lost core temperature decreases. Try to use the roasting the green coffee beans so you can make the maximum use of the benefits.

Coffee Beans for Skin Health – They see green coffee beans is a very effective antioxidant function. The acids contained in coffee beans may reduce the effects of free radicals in the body up to 10 times. But it should be used for roasting without the skin, thus able to take advantage of the benefits as maximum.

● Coffee beans protects free radicals substantially adversely affecting the skin defuses the toxic and harmful substances. It cleans the skin from these harmful substances.

● Coffee beans contain oils and acids to help end that smooths wrinkles occurring in the skin, protects the skin health and give a healthy look.

● It provides coffee beans to moisturize the skin. Especially occurring in dry skin may prevent itching and flaking. Arachidic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, and rich in fatty acids and esters. This feature opens the pores of the skin and prevents drying due.

● Coffee beans also contain important minerals and ingredients for hair health. Eliminating elements that are harmful to hair and healthy, radiant appearance.

● Coffee beans may be the solution to the problem of baldness and hair loss.

● Appetite suppressors are characterized. Coffee beans can supply a good solution for those who hunger for a long time to withstand the regime.

Other Benefits: except here we have discussed in detail the skin and hair health of the coffee beans we discuss in part the benefits of coffee has other benefits. Coffee and generally provide the same benefits that the core is made of.

Filter Coffee’s Benefits
And some more coffee filter apparatus is obtained by grinding the coffee beans by machine. Unlike Market or ready Dried Fruits & Nuts taken from consuming coffee facilities and provide more fresh date would be slightly different. it may be useful to prepare healthier and more natural ways.

Filter coffee’s health benefits are similar to other types of coffee. Alone can cause lack of concentration if consumed too much.

Benefits of Coffee Dibek
Dibek coffee is made with metal or crushing the coffee beans in mortar made of wood. Dibek coffee can be added in addition to other species such as coconut kernels crushed that.

It is similar to a coffee filter coffee Dibek terms of function but are prepared with more natural methods to become more healthy. Dibek health benefits of coffee are the same as other varieties of coffee are consumed and prepared in the conventional way.

Coffee Losses
Now, we consider the many health benefits of coffee up in detail. We would like to note that cause some health problems caused by the excessive consumption of coffee in particular. Therefore, heart disease, mental problems of living with epilepsy, and the dose of consumption and stomach problems need to be very careful. and varieties of coffee, which is itself a source of healing for healthy people can become a risk to people who suffer from these diseases.

● When the coffee consumed in excess can cause heart rhythm disorders. So heart patients must consume the necessarily limited.

● Tension creates risks for patients with excessive consumption. Therefore, blood pressure patients should consume coffee in consultation with their doctor or be completely cut consumption.

● There may be no good for stomach disorders. In particular, the ulcer patients can trigger cancer. It can disrupt the balance of stomach acid.

● Rising sugar during dinner coffee has been found to raise more. So you need to pay attention to coffee consumption during the meal.

● Some health experts argue that cause loss of water and coffee, and some health experts say that very important event of this water loss.

● The caffeine contained in coffee are experts who say that trigger migraines.

● It is to pay attention to coffee consumption during pregnancy and mothers should avoid excessive consumption.

a product with a lot of health benefits, as long as the right coffee is consumed. Especially antioxidant properties that contribute to health facilities in a wide range affords. There are many advantages to be consumed fresh. such as that of Nescafe instant coffee can cause a lot of problems, especially as more trustworthy and reliable weight gain but the coffee comes to the fore.

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