Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and What Are the Benefits?

A baby was born until the moment six months, as food and drink, there is a need only breast milk. Breast milk is the best food for a baby. Cow’s milk, prepared foods on the market, the food made with rice flour at home is not a substitute for never breastfed. Breast milk is the first fresh food; preparation, because there are challenges such as heating, easily administered. Should note that with breastfeeding, strengthening the mother-child relationship provides the child’s emotional satisfaction.

For breastfed infants, as well as being an ideal nutrition, infant diarrhea, cough, food is also worth to kıyaslanamı with other nutrients such as disease prevention because of the flu. Infectious disease agents, due to the mother’s first milk the baby no more, given breast milk soon after birth is of great importance. Even in hot and dry climates, there is enough water for the needs of a baby in breast milk. The first four months to quench the thirst of the baby is also no need for water or sugary drinks.

Breastfed infants, diarrhea, cough, fever and other help in the prevention of common diseases. If given only breast milk for the first 6 months baby, it would be even stronger protection. Babies 6 months of age, should be given other foods and beverages. Breastfeeding, infants should be continued with other foods until the age of one, if possible, be continued for a long time. Because breast milk is given in the second year, in addition to other foods, it protects children against disease.

When to start breastfeeding?

The baby started breastfeeding immediately after birth stimulates the production of breast milk in motion. Breastfeeding, the first half hour after birth should be started will not be released until later. In some areas, babies from the first few days after birth, called colostrum, mouth or not thick yellowish breast milk. This is a wrong practice. Colostrum is beneficial for babies and protects them against common major diseases. Baby colostrum from up to the mother’s milk is no need for any other food and drink. Many mother, especially during the first children need help when they start breastfeeding. Experienced and savvy person such as a child she nursed successfully, your mother can help to overcome many common problems.

Breastfeeding considerations:

Almost all mothers;

●If the baby can grasp a good way nozzle mouth
●Including baby at night is enough milk can come as often as you want.

During breastfeeding the baby, holding the shape of the breast it is very important.

Improper suction position;

●Cracking and sympathy to the nipple
● Not enough milk to
● It causes symptoms such as breast almama

Baby is starting to breastfeed;

● Mothers should wash their hands with soap and water
● Teats should be clean,
● The nipple should be at the mouth of the brown ring around the child should touch the palate.
● The child must be six clean.

Emmen is a good position;

● The baby’s body is fully turned towards the mother.
● Baby sucks long and deep.
● The baby is relaxed and happy.
● Pity the mother’s nipples.

At the end of breastfeeding, keeping the baby upright side facing shoulder and gently massaging the back is very important. This is helped removal of the baby’s gas. You can not remove the baby sucking gas in the appropriate techniques.

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