Benefits of Beans Leaves

Benefits of Beans Leaves

beans who gave his name to the Fabaceae family is a valuable nutrient. However, there are some rules of eating beans. Experts recommend we consume the day you cook the beans. waiting a few days to eat beans, liver tiring.

There is water retention in the body. Children 4-7 years of age should not be consumed too much. However, despite all these side effects it is extremely beneficial to health. We just need to consume a lot.

pods for things to stay away from red meat is very functional. plenty of protein contains nitrogen and calories. Dopamine is a natural resource. Dopamine deficiency, leads to Parkinson’s disease.

It is useful for the eyes due to lutein content.
It lowers bad cholesterol.
Blood sugar is put in order.
It is good for intestinal disorders.
Good for constipation and hemorrhoids.
It is rich in iron and calcium minerals.
Abundant A, C, B, and vitamin B2.
It cleanses the urinary tract.
It reduces intestinal parasites.
It is good for headaches.
It includes high albumin.
It is therapeutic for kidney sand.
It is good for the skin.
Beans, while spotless, live, choose the green and hard.

Check the freshness divide it in half like green beans. The fridge can keep fresh bag within 1-2 days. Eat right when you cook.

As a harbinger of spring and a grocery market to that of the first coming vegetables Beans are examples of legumes plants. Homeland of the pods that the continents of Europe and Asia, have seen 5,000 years ago in ancient texts have been grown in China. In our country abundantly grown and consumed beans, 60-100 cm. It is an annual herbaceous plant that can be sorted. Does the soil line. four corner section with a strong root structure that can get deep inside has a hollow body.

Under appropriate conditions, the plants will help to improve the tillering than one product to create a few body.
There are two kinds of crops leaves: The main leaves are green, oval-shaped and are arranged mutually on a composite handle. The secondary is whitish leaves are oval or lance toothed edges. It is located on the black nectar glands.

The plant features that hermaphrodite flowers are white. But, over the reddish-purple or black stripes and spots appear. the self-pollinate these flowers consist of fruits called pods or Badic plant. When the beans are in various shades of green. Sapa close the chapter consists of a black hat. This cone will be different according to the bean variety. Grains within the broad beans (seed pods called house plants or seeds) is also sized according to the bean variety, shape and vary in number.

Grains are fresh green.
When dry, turn brown.
Stale grains becomes very dark brown.
Fresh broad beans, olive oil consumed in making dinner.
Fresh broad beans cooked with artichoke.
Dried or frozen broad beans is still done with a special meal called fav dish with olive oil.

Nutritional Value

100 gr. Nutritional values contained in the pods include: 45 calories; 5 g. protein; 6 g. carbohydrate: 0 cholesterol; 3 g. oil; 1.5 g. fiber: 22 mg. phosphorus; 20 mg. calcium; 0.4 mg. iron; 85 mg. sodium; 110 mg. potassium; 150 IU of vitamin A: 0.04 mg. Vitamin B1; 0.03 mg. And 4 mg of vitamin B2. Vitamin C is found.

100 gr. dried bean protein and 23 g carbohydrate is increased to 42 g. In addition, significant increase in carbohydrate called pectin, lecithin and the substance can be seen.


Health Benefits

In addition to some important nutrients as seen above;

* Beans, legumes value reduces the risk of developing cancer of the body, like all vegetables.
* It lowers bad cholesterol levels in the body.
* Beans contain blood sugar with insulin puts in order.
* It contains high levels of fiber to constipation (constipation) good for those who come.
* Beans also provides the beneficial effects on health of hemorrhoids and other colon problems.

All this for our health to join our diet of fresh beans or broad beans in order to benefit from the beneficial effects of eating beans and a cup of water will be enough on a daily basis.

Attention: Beans, beans, this food poisoning in sensitive persons (favizm) can cause. This susceptibility is inherited such people should not eat beans. Also, it would be appropriate for very small children are not fed beans.


Crops, seed with (with dried grains) are replicated. The weather and soil conditions in the period appropriate grains are planted directly into the soil the plant will be grown. Winter sowing of seeds in the warm zone, the months of October-November; pass the winter in cold regions are held in March-April. Soil temperature during the day, the crops planted 9 and outside air temperature should be 10-14 degrees. Seeds on the order of 15-20 cm in the soil. 5-6 cm intervals and the soil. It should be planted deeper.


Climate request: The warm climate of the bean plant, can be grown in the cool season vegetables are among the favorable conditions. Beans can withstand cold up to a point, as fear of hot. It was determined to -4 degrees can withstand many kinds of beans. However, the best environment in which the plant develops, 9 and outside temperatures are 10-14 degrees in the soil.

Soil request: Legumes deep, permeable, and loamy soil rich in organic matter lovers. optimal pH for quite susceptible plants to soil acidity is between 6.7 to 7.5.

Tillage: Broad bean seedlings 5-6 cm. If so sorting is done first hoeing process. But, as the anchor it should be made sure that the air is cold day. Otherwise, the plant’s roots can be damaged by cold. The plant’s flowering process before making the second hoeing the weeds and soil provided embossing. Beans flowers to blooming crops to be damaged when touched by those who anchor job is not done now hoeing.

Irrigation: Winter warm in the area sown to crops in the fall, will not be watering in winter and spring seasons. Rainfall is adequate to the plant. Winter cold pass and be planted in the spring of bean seed germination of seeds in regions where mandatory çapalandık of plants; also air regularly watering should be done as soon as they are hot and dry.

Fertilization: good development of crops and regular fertilization to be plenty of qualified products should be performed.Before sowing the seeds of crops should be well burnt manure will be planted, as well as plenty of scientific soil nitrogen with planting the seed or fertilizer should be taken a week ago. In addition, since crops are too many nutrients in the soil removes phosphate and potash fertilizers must be scientific.

Harvesting: The crops cultivation, fresh broad beans, harvest time varies depending on the fresh broad beans or request to be a dry one. For the bean harvest fresh vegetables, the massiveness of the normal variety of plant beans 1/3 1/2 are expected to reach a size in between. If the delay grains hardens and loses its value as fresh pod vegetables renewal.

The body of the beans is very fragile crops should not be severed hand drawn, hand held down instead of leaving the body should be scraped. If the decision is left on top of long beans collected. This should be avoided. It is expected to reach the normal size of the bean harvest fresh broad beans and harvesting is done after that. To obtain dry broad beans, bean plants are being torn removed from the beans when left on the plant and the plant dry.

Combating diseases and pests: pests and diseases that haunt the crops on time, using appropriate specialists consulted agricultural pesticides, should continue fighting without complete and interruptions.

No remedy can not be found in medicine worldwide, “Parkinson” Some of the many patients who contracted the disease by eating edible bean leaf disease, he said. Parkinson’s patients, indicating that it had gained health with bean leaves, pods grow even in pots at home.

including Muhammad Ali in the world, Michel J. Fox is known that the yen as celebrities also found 2 million Parkinson’s is one of the haslatar the Parkinson from the results of research sick by eating the leaves of the 14 years of fighting the Parkinson’s disease bean vegetables grown in pots.

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is damage to a small part of the cells responsible of movement in the brain and decrease the degeneration is a disease of results. These cells secrete a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine, sends information from one nerve cell. If there is enough dopamine in the brain, movement and balance functions are affected, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is not lethal, is a disease shortening life expectancy and causing a stroke.

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