Benefits of Argan Oil

Benefits of Argan Oil

In our country the last few years, we started to hear the name often Argan Oil is derived from the argan tree. The reason of knowing the past few years in our country can not be grown in our country. Only Argan tree which is grown in Morocco’s southwest can extend up to 10 meters and live between 150 and 200 years. Small and yellow flowers with green colors of the argan tree is also called the Moroccan olive trees. Soft on the inside but the outside of the Ark of the fruit with a hard shell oil is obtained. June, and the fruit starts to fall to the ground as the tree is mature and July as in May. Argan tree is quite the collection of fruit because it is difficult to have a large thorns so. Usually it is grown in arid zones and extends its roots to the soil to find water in the lower parts. Of course, in this case, one of the most important points that prevent erosion. The generation of the argan tree has been protected by UNESCO began to run out.

The content of argan oil, alpha, gamma and beta are located. Apart from that contains vitamin A generous amounts. It is widely used for skin and hair health because it contains plenty of vitamin.

Health Benefits of Argan Oil

More Argan Oil is being used in skin and hair care and nails has nourishing the body. Hair of the formation of the more brilliant and healthy while also helping to prevent split ends. Also it helps repair the broken ends of the hair.

Skin Benefits of Argan Oil: It helps restore skin by nourishing. It has anti-aging properties to help eliminate wrinkles. It allows the renewal of the cells in the skin itself. It prevents the formation of bags under the eyes.

The other feature of argan oil is moisturizing the skin. It is widely used to moisturize and soften the skin. It provides a natural glow to the skin because they contain a high amount of vitamin A. Argan oil is non-greasy and does not irritate the skin.

It used throughout the body, including the face and neck. The skin as a skin lotion applied by massaging a few drops.

It cleans the skin from germs: The skin is also one of the benefits of argan oil to the skin from free radicals and the ability to clear bacteria. Due to the antioxidant argan oil that can be managed so as to prevent premature wear on the skin, do not allow the aging, smooths wrinkles and gives skin a healthier appearance.

Argan Oil for Dry Skin: People with dry skin, especially in cold weather in winter and at home, skin problems with the burning of heating and stove in a closed area begins to increase. Skin thoroughly dry the skin begins to itch and can cause serious loss to the problem. It can eliminate this problem because it contains large amounts of vitamin E, argan oil and different acids. Can treat damaged skin is also caused to dry. Massage done by applying a few drops of argan oil on the affected skin dryness can root out the problem.

Argan Oil Stains Troubleshoot: Unlike many oil and trigger acne problems should be skin creams and can cause further rise. But the opposite can undertake serious role argan oil to restore the health of the skin and can even help eliminate acne. Argan oil moisturizes the skin in a natural way to contain the oil and restore health. Other than that the restructuring of the damaged cells and eliminate the inflammation occurs.

implementation by making the damaged part of dropwise, Argan oil massage can help eliminate acne. implementation of Argan oil gently rubbed into the skin twice a day will contribute significantly.

Argan Oil is protective: Argan oil is an important product in the general health of the skin next to the removal of protection from skin diseases due to its antioxidant properties. In particular, it can prevent skin irritation from occurring in the dry.

As Argan Oil Hair Conditioner: Argan oil is known that the hair soft and silky shine. Argan oil is an ideal conditioner is even used as an alternative treatment for frizzy and brittle hair.

Apart from these, stylish hair and it gives a healthy appearance. Exposure often funding of hair can cause some problems, blow-drying your application to your dropping some argan oil hair before blow-drying your fingers when you can resolve problems arising.

Gestation Argan Oil: Pregnancy after cracks poses a problem for many pregnant women, but argan oil stretch marks and sagging after birth, can offer the ideal solution against wrinkled skin. Argan oil increases the elasticity of the skin with the help of vitamin E is abundant inside. Argan oil also during pregnancy is the right choice to soften the skin and to give a healthy look.

Foot and Hand Care with Argan Oil: Argan oil emollient properties of brittle nails structures, eliminate the hard skin and cracks in the building next to dry hands and feet. Feet and hands to soften the skin and flexibility. For this, every night before bed, nail, massage a few drops on your hands and feet do may offer a natural solution.

As Argan Oil Moisturizing Lip: particularly under dry and cold weather, throat and lips cracking possible to encounter problems. Argan oil lips, plump, is an ideal product to ensure smooth and supple. It is enough to rub one or two drops into dry lips as an ointment, but there is one thing to pay attention during this application, delete it after 1-2 minutes after applying the remaining portion of the lips.

Benefits of Argan Soap

Argan oil, we wrote that the more commonly used for skin and hair health. We said that the most important reason is that it contains plenty of vitamin.—

● With Argan soap contains sulfur that can contribute in the sense that incredible skin. as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays addition, it contributes to skin cleaning.

● Another feature is that it eliminates the arc soap infection in the skin. It is the right choice to get rid of the damage caused by bad bacteria and germs.

● Argan soap As well as fight off germs has the protection of the skin cells.

● There may be a therapeutic tool for people with acne problems, argan oil can help in the removal of acne spot.

The Argan Soap losses: Argan soap and argan oil in our country only recently began to be recognized, while in many countries, is widely used in skin and hair care since ancient history. Now as for the health of argan oil it has not faced with a case that it is harmful.

However, we recommend that patients who are asking their doctors to use any medicated skin or laser treatment because of the disease.


Argan Oil is particularly able to tell the incredible benefits for skin and hair. So we can say that as a natural form of treatment serve to human health. This is the outside to be effective against many skin diseases and when a comparison might suggest regular use because it is much cheaper and healthier than other skin care.

Warning: Certainly do not recommend the oral consumption of argan oil.


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