Benefits and Losses Computer

Benefits and Losses Computer

In the historical development of public institutions and businesses it entered into the computer in the 1980s, and in 1990’s began to enter the home. After the 1995 line in the world after the rapid spread of the Internet has begun to spread from computer connected to the internet at home. The nature of a television next to appliances used in residential as of 2006 the world has been used by approximately 50%.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer?

The teachings theoretically be useful in the use of computers has played a major role. After the 2000s, the mutual correspondence computer instant messaging (chat) events have accelerated the entry into the computer’s residence.

There is no turning back. The whole place very soon it will enter into the television and computers connected to the Internet in a dwelling. This is an unavoidable reality.

As with every innovation, in particular computer is entering with special benefits and harms family environment.

Here, let us consider the benefits and losses that have occurred so far the computer.

Family environment

Benefits of the computer:

1- Computer Literacy:
Computer literacy is an important skill in our age. Recently ignorant people that from today those without computer literacy in the coming years are expected to remain of a difference at all.
Namely; Recent communications, commerce, many basic functions, such as public services will be shifted to the internet. Individuals without computer literacy will be ignorant of floating services and functions and will not directly benefit themselves from these areas will benefit from this service, but people in this literacy. The family atmosphere will provide the computer received the first family members to this computer literacy.

2- Education:
Internet environment these days has become an information environment. For those who like to seek out information that does not have the Internet. Literature, history, mathematics, computers, it is possible to find every information in the arts. It is very effective and easy and inexpensive educational tool.

3- Entertainment:
Computer, TV, Stereo system, which can be viewed in various films visual computing environment can play hundreds of games prepared for, creating even you never knew coffee with people setting joker is a great entertainment tool that you can play games like quagmire.

4- Art:
Painting, Photography, need for dealing with the arts as well as film knowledge is a nice application. For example; You can play the photos and pictures with Photo editing programs according to your taste wonderful pictures can be made even in this environment.

5- Self-expression:
Various individuals and groups on the Internet to be able to write your own views created free-form environment, sharing the views set forth in these forums, not the opposition, there is a possibility of people to express themselves through discussions. Even creating its own web page there is the possibility to publish their opinions and thoughts.

We can list many more similar benefits.

Harms of computer:

1- Dependency:
In the past year in developing the writing environment of mutual conversation later years it became voice and video. This conversation never recognize each other and are probably developed among people who never met. Considering the type of chat is developing and especially of a sexual nature without being subject to any restriction. To draw the attention of any other members in real life are becoming addicted to each other in love and in this environment. Individuals in this growing addiction to chat in time, the person to whom you have chatted on the phone one evening to reach persons is available in this environment can not see or he is forced to sleep in the evening morale and somehow corrupted. This causes people to spend time by the space that students, especially in terms of compensation leads to irreversible losses. When developing these conversations from time to time on the Internet can take up to start the evening at 21.00 in the morning.

Men have a chat with a girl a reason for many months 6 months has developed in this environment, are able to chat all night until the morning as one year. At the same man you put women on the same bed so it is not possible to deal with each other. Which lasted until the morning because this conversation is broken down both sides of his eyes, being in the lumbar hernia but people are affected by this malfunction.

2- Adult Content:
Nowadays especially harmful and has attempted various legal and technical obstacles to the erotic content in the Internet environment, these studies remain inconclusive. Unlimited internet has become a medium for all kinds of immorality. Especially damage that will affect their entire lives for growing children will know nature. Pictures, movies, growing freely in prose that finds the presence of eroticism in this environment.

3- Chat: (Conversation)
Mutual chat environment is developing among people who know each other at all. This conversation is usually in the form of a conversation with a girl in a developing male. The person speaking in a chat conversation because there is no moral boundaries opportunity to know them and they know each other so long as they do not want to get up, not everyone wants to be able to insult and insulting each other consumables.

It also becomes more dangerous, especially for housewives during daylight hours. In recent years, these conversations emerged cause thousands of families destroyed by falling or slot evil ways, and this is increasing. Boys and girls aged 12- 17 are brainwashed by the coyotes they did not know, sexual, political, are reactionary environment in the seduction.

4- Gambling:
You can put gambling ban or control the physical space. But it is very difficult to put a ban on internet gambling or control. In this environment, it is assumed will be more dangerous than a physical space in the future, but not in dangerous gamble.

This and similar damage can count on it yet. However, we have only made a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of several major titles. You can imagine these titles a little more than what would be the advantages and disadvantages of opening the brainstorming session.

In this regard:

Protection from the damage of the instrument and to increase the benefits we receive in our house that gave us try to explain a few practical ways:

Ways of Loss Prevention:

1- Putting the computer room space:
Never install a child or bedroom you get to your home computer. Install the large living room to watch TV where he spent time with all the family members. In this way, the members of the family allows you to control each other. You do not know what your child is doing on the computer installed in the children’s room and your child, but you can not control your own computer with you sitting watching TV anyway harmful to enter the environment and to control and you will not feel the need to warn him. This is very important. Because what sites your child’s immoral what chatted with the children’s room as mentioned above into which environment you know and you will not be able to control. Please note that your curious child, ignorant and evil is open to any individual.

2- To refer to protection from harmful content, and game and beneficial deal;
A repressive approach to the children “play, do this, do that” such suggestions are useless. Because children catch a lot of things that you will find the media will be free. Select persuade road, next to the computer in various rulers convincing way, give jobs such as web design articles and tell you to do, reward them financially when the need of both great promise with them. So start making beautiful things and beautiful things will be behind all happy and will endeavor to deal with the new beautiful.

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