Bedroom to heat your sex Number 20

Bedroom to heat your sex Number 20

You and your lover a good time do you spend in bed. Some days compassionate, sweaty some days, some days you are going sensual sex life. But I’m sure the bed-adding excitement to your relationship anyway no matter how satisfied you are no demezs to try new things. Small numbers we suggest you try and spice up your sex life!

Try this sexy number 20 is a must;

hot up

You sexy moments can occur when you least expect them. In short, inflame the moment you spend sitting in an armchair. Partner your fingertips, you want to show your skin gently. This touches on the sexual awakening of your body slightly prickles and also the relaxation will cause you to have sex.

─░mmediately remove your underwear

And pleasurable for you to drive each other to remove their underwear, it will be challenging both foreplay. When you do this you will create your expectations of each other and in the end were completely naked, these two will give you much more excitement and pleasure.

Draw a circle on

Let’s be honest; Your partner will only be grateful enough for you even if you do oral sex. But this does not require you to make oral sex from the start milking. Slowly move your tongue instead of the classic up and down, hover around the penis and use the tip of your tongue this time. When you have taken into your mouth all at the end of the penis and do the sucking up and down movement.

Give her a very light kisses

Instead of targeting the bottom of the pole back, and planted a kiss will barely feel your partner. Before the start of the eyelid, then the edge of the lip, then up, then collarbone later nipples, kissed her belly and then continue down, kissed individual hip bones. Note that you raise the expectations of your partner by doing so, no matter how slow and seductive kiss you planted that expectations will rise. Kiss your random it will be curious, your next kiss and the high sensitivity of the brain will cause the waiting curiously to where planted.

The twisted Better

Try this for better stimulation in the missionary position; Spend your lover your knees to shoulders. This angle makes more pressure on your clitoris and this increases your chances of reaching your orgasm. Raise your butt to increase the stimulation of compressing your pelvis upward and provide more pleasure to be in this position the transmitter.

Is a bit hard

Small bites on the shoulders of your girlfriend or earlobe kondurarak during sex, sexy little stiffness on your floor. Enjoy because sometimes our brains, our bodies can prevent these small bites are given together will help you both return to the main back.

Sit straight

Because you love being on top speed, you can adjust the angle and movement. He loves you to be on top to watch because you have to do is lie. But one thing did not know your boyfriend, sitting upright increases the pleasure he gets. In this position you can use as your skin will also be more effective with your hands and your feet closer together.

Guess what’s next

During sex, a move made in unexpected moments makes the intercourse more exciting. Allow the classic missionary position, do different movements of your boyfriend; You enter your house a little, you’re halfway into your house and suddenly you enter your house completely in an abrupt manner. You can mix the order thereof. Which movement that it will decide the next step, go out, go into your house twice in a short time, then once profound and long-lasting, deep 3 inputs and 2 fast and small entry and exit… You know what I mean.

Hot air blower

No matter what position, your hot air blowing each other with small movements of your body will improve your taste. In addition to other sensitive areas already have sex during your pleasure you get from your genitals (nipples, neck, inside of the wrist …), you will feel the chill thoroughly enjoyed by the hot air.

Find a new angle

Intense oral sex on your partner to help you reach orgasm during and must use the language in a stable way. The easiest way for him is to use the language as up and down. But first instance, if you are approaching orgasm when he ran his tongue around your clitoris and your partner him say so himself upright position you’re in, so it will use the language more comfortable in a position to give you pleasure.

The whoosh

Add excitement to your oral sex and include a sex toy. You put your partner a vibrating object while you enjoy your cheek. This will create a vibration in the not too harsh and will increase the pleasure you receive. Do not use this action only yourself, and you just have to follow this procedure have oral sex with your partner.

Run your muscles

Kegel extra pleasure your sexy woman during sex exercises we do. Tighten your muscles, your partner enters your house and leave it tightening your muscles while continuing to progress. Tighten your full out’ll be out of the back muscles and movements come and go all continue to do so. This he did as if massage around your partner’s penis will create a print. tightening moves you made at the same time will cause stress on your g-spot and clitoris, which will help you reach orgasm more easily and more effectively.

Remove everything

Who does not like to be naked? You can not deny that the clothing still a pleasure, even when carried out with the sex. Do not wear a skirt or dress when the corner of the bed, standing on your hands and knees, point. Advertisement If you’re unzipped his pants, lift your skirt and get along with you. It is extremely unprepared and “at the moment, I must have you now,” he will be a movement.

The anchor it yourself

Be sure to try this dominant movement during sex. Keep your finger and index finger early in life so as not to hurt the skin under the penis. This loose skin will keep closer to the surface of nerve endings in the penis and this will cause your partner feel better.

Stand on your feet

Here is a proposal that will make you more interesting position at the top; squat rather than sit on your partner, you can move more easily when you get support for your feet. In this position, you can get up higher and you can have more control over their movements. You can also increase your enjoyment of acting the way you want.

Tighten or loosen

There are many ways to achieve excellent performance. If you want more friction in the missionary position by closing your legs Put your partner to remain between the two legs. For more in-depth merger, pull your knees toward you while opening their legs.


From the waist down when you are sure you focus on earnings rather than topics that help players protagonist. But your partner squeezing the testicles can not enjoy it much. Because you do when you gently massage this area there s accelerates blood circulation, which increases the sensitivity and arousal. Then, your partner gently tighten the skin around the testicles is about to reach orgasm, and be ready for spectacular finale.

Hold and wait

The prisoner said that love him, you’ll probably laugh the first response. But you will understand that your intention when you connect it to bed seriously. It is extremely fun and pleasure enhancer is a game because your partner wants to touch you, but you can not touch you for your permission. Of course, if you prefer to spend your partner control the other hand it!

Try the neck

Your partner that you already know the precise location of the neck, you little sounds and chill out while playing with her neck where the biggest proof of this. the road to the junction of the neck behind the ear is particularly sensitive. This region can kiss politely. We recommend you to blow the back of the jaw and neck.

Tickle him

You have a partner who claim to know all the numbers, but about sex may show you that you are full of surprises will make this gesture to him during oral sex! Take your hand into your mouth during oral sex and stroked his genitals. It will enhance the pleasure of a different texture and unexpected take action. The sheer creativity shown by doing so you are excited enough for her to live on his own and was confident that such an experience before.

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