Aries Horoscope

Aries Horoscope


(21 March – 19 April)

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Executive Planet: Anthem
Element: Fire
Quality: Pioneer
Lucky numbers: 1, 9
Day: Tuesday
Lucky stone: Ruby
Color: Red
Tarot card: Emperor
Animal: Sheep
Plant: geranium, honeysuckle, lily
Valuable stone: Diamond
Precious metal: Iron

Positive sides: Pioneering and adventure spirit.
Initiative. Man forwarding. Target setting feature. High energy. Enough to cross the barriers. I hate limitations. Leadership. Honesty. Ready to answer. Life.

Negative aspects: Egoism. Destroying decisions. Self-advancing, moving forward. Cynical. Rebellious. Impatient. Attacker. Wrathful. Sudden exits.

Aries Team Star (Astronomy)
The main stars in Aries team star, Shedar, Ruckbah and Dat al Cursa. The first dean, Cassiopeia, Cetus in the middle, Perseus at the end.

Aries Women’s General Features

The coach is a remarkable woman who is moving, talkative and entrepreneurial. It’s quite humorous. It is well-received, athletic and generic. He always expresses criticism and what he dislikes. It draws attention with its charm and difference in society.

Coach woman is very ambitious and idealistic in business life. She always wants to realize what she puts in her mind and goes astonishingly from the way she draws. He knows how to use time and works well. The coach woman is an amusing friend who is sincerely and sympathetic and sought after around her friends. He’s a little nervous and restless inside. He criticizes himself very much and always struggles with himself as if he were in a race. He attaches great importance to his friends and loved ones and he is very much altruistic.

Negative criticisms can break him too much because the emotional structure is highly sensitive. He is very fond of the house and his family, and is perfectionist in this matter as it is in every subject.

The coach, who likes to be constantly moving, is very pleased to be in the social activities during free time, sports and spend time with friends.

Aries Zodiac Male General Features

Aries is perceived in society by his self-confident, moving and energetic nature. It is authoritative and enjoys establishing authority. He is upright and does not want to accept it when he makes a mistake and shows selfish behavior.

Aries is extremely amenable to the liberation of the mysterious man. He does everything for his friends and his friends. She likes to help people and share their problems. He is generous and likes to be free in material terms. It is much more attractive for them to set up and run their own business. He does not like taking orders from others.

When Aries is a crusty man, he is very hurtful and does not mind.
Criticism can criticize and a hard dille. He is very fond of home and family, but he loves his life outside. This is due to its non-stop moving structure. She always wants to feel at home peaceful and comfortable.

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