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(21 March – 19 April)

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The fire group and the Leader coach are in a great deal of interaction with the surroundings because of being the first sign on the Zodiac. Intensive self-confidence and energy are the key words of physical and mental character. The coach manages the head, the brain, the skull and the face anatomically (except the nose bones), as it is symbolized at the beginning of the Zodiac.

The coach is very intimidated and angry. This may cause the nervous system to wear out. Accidents, and rash are the most prevalent discomforts. Adolescence can continue to show itself even after the pimple has passed the age of 30. Causeless headaches, migraines are also common. The fussy and hasty structure always leads to minor accidents and bleeds, due to carelessness. In particular, it is necessary to protect the head zone carefully. It is recommended that you protect yourself from the sun in summer hot days. Because Aries tend to be more influenced by the Sun than other signs.

To keep both physical and neural health balanced, the coach needs a regular sleeping system, relaxation, relaxing massage and baths. As much as possible, it is necessary to remove the animal from the vegetable kitchen, giving importance to the nutritionist that will strengthen the brain and immune system. Keeping cozy goods made of demigods at home brings inner peace. In addition, rubies, lalas, and gemstones are auspicious stones that will protect the coach both physically and spiritually. Tea and home made medicines, which are prepared with plants such as mustard, black pepper, anemone, mule, garlic, devil turnip, nettle and bay, which have red colored, pointed leaves and burning tadas also play an important role in the protection of health.

Wearing brightly colored clothes, especially if not at all, using something red as an accessory helps the coach feel refreshed and feel good. Because the coach is energy-rich, any physical activity has a great precaution in his life. However, these outdoor performances should be preferred because they will also provide spiritual calmness. Countermeasures It is necessary to pay attention to the kidneys and the lumbar regions with the reflex effect caused by the balance.

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