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(21 March – 19 April)

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Characteristic (Character) Properties

The raw energy of living instinct, the instinct to be a part of the universe are the most basic characteristics of the Aries people. Babies see themselves in the center of life and the universe. But as they grow older they begin to realize that they are not in the center, they are part of the family they live in. It is the coach’s obligation to acknowledge that it is not the center of the universe or life, but that it is part of a wider social system. It is possible to see a more demanding and childlike behavior in coaches who do not develop such maturity. Aries who have almost no tolerance for their wishes are also very impatient with regard to time. Coach, who is usually in a self-centered attitude, can sometimes be challenged to answer when he understands the needs of other people. Aries people have an activist natura. They identify their goals, lock into the goal, and make their way from their hands to be successful. Indeed, like a ram with a symbol, attack, fighter, there is a structure that does not give up.

The state of not giving up on the target may also manifest itself in aggression from time to time. The fact that he likes to be a leader, does not hesitate to take initiative, and does not make compromises from his own knowledge are the main sources of problems he / she has experienced in human relations. Aries is a habit of reacting physically to everything he experiences in life. In other words, they do not measure the value of what they do, they ignore their real feelings before they evaluate it in logic, and then they start to flaunt, then calm down, ask questions, research.

Passionate nature causes people around them to move around, causing them to drift together. However, if they are not interested in the other side, it is also possible to feel anger or lose their identity completely. The individuals of Aries Zodiac, who symbolize war and struggle, are so impatient and impatient that they might overlook the necessity of occasionally providing necessary equipment in war. Even though they are very angry and angry, they can not manage to grudge. Their anger and fury are like straw flames, they shine and disappear instantly. This is one of the most important positive features of Aries people. Thus, they naturally prevent the prolongation of the problems they experience in human relations.

The active, fiery Mars-directed Aries has a pioneering spirit and does not miss any experience with its energetic nature. It is like an energy source that is very enthusiastic, optimistic and friendly with nature, which activates other people in daily life as well. An ongoing physical activity helps the excess energy to discharge and thus be more productive in the intellectual sense. The energetic Aries, who are under the projects that many people will be shooting from the beginning, will not hesitate. But there are often Aries at the beginning of many incomplete projects. Easily distracted, lost interest, unable to withstand the biggest impact of the development of the end of the initiatives. Although intensive physical energy is associated with Aries; When a coach can not find a partner to adapt himself or a partner to support himself, motivation loses. Staying away from physical activity can cause your productivity to fall, become a depressive mood, and gain weight.

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