A Chat Bot Talking to Your Place!

A Chat Bot Talking to Your Place!

Google’s new chat bot can talk to you and fool your friends!

It can be stressful to keep pace with the speed of online chat, but thanks to a new tool that Google is working on, it may be easier for us to work very soon.

The new tool, Reply, will be compatible with popular applications, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Slack. Reply will analyze what your friends say and offer you answers depending on your speaking style. In addition to this, Reply will use information such as your location and your daily plan to Google to give the autoresponder a more authentic feel.

If you use the Gmail mobile app, you know Smart Replies. These are short ready answers that are recommended to you when reading a message.

For example, when someone asks you if you want to go to the cinema later, the app offers you the option of “Yes, I am coming”, “No, I do not come”, “Yes, I do not see it there”. If you touch one of these options, the application opens an answer window where the sentence is complete and ready to be sent.

As its name suggests, Smart Replies are evolving to better imitate your writing style over time. If the reply is sent to the testers and the reply is by an e-mail published by Android Police, it will go a step further and get your appointment information from your calendar, or even generate responses according to your location.

“When driving, Reply can take your phone to the conversation and tell you who can not chat right now.”

Smart Replies need to be verified before they are sent, but Reply replies will be just a click away.

If it works as smoothly as you’d hoped, Reply could greatly alleviate the burden of our online social life, and our loved ones and friends might not even notice the difference.

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