8 Important Changes Throughout 9 Months of Pregnancy

8 Important Changes Throughout 9 Months of Pregnancy

There are many changes in the mother’s body throughout the 9 month pregnancy period, starting with the pregnancy symptoms. I think that it will comfort the candidates of the mother to know the changes that will be experienced. 8 very important changes during pregnancy …

1. Bleeding Delay

When a woman who has regular menstruation and regular sexual intercourse is delayed in menstruation, it should be considered as the first sign of pregnancy. When a woman with regular menstruation and regular sexual intercourse is delayed in bleeding, it is necessary to consider this as the first sign of pregnancy. Despite pregnancy, menstrual bleeding is rarely experienced in the first 2-3 months, which is called “seeing”. However, this bleeding is always less and less frequent than normal menstrual bleeding.

2. Hormonal Change

Along with the hormonal changes in the first months of pregnancy, edema tension, swelling, weight gain, nausea and vomiting due to fluid involvement can be seen in the body. These changes can be brought to a level that will not be a problem as the eating habits are watched, the salt is reduced, the mobility is increased. Nausea in the stomach is often possible to get under control by eating more solid foods than little less often. It should be noted that the more sweet the request is.

3. Sleep Needs Along With Anemia

Along with pregnancy, an anemia can occur due to the watering of the blood. During this period, he feels tired and tends to sleep. There is no harm in abandoning the mother candidate in this period, considering the insomnia that may have occurred after the birth of the baby.

4. Sensitivity in Breasts Normal

One of the changes seen in the first three months is tension, tenderness and growth in the breasts. By using braided braces and accepting these changes on behalf of being a mother, you will not feel any trouble.

5. Psychological Changes Every Mother is Different

Consciousness of mother to changing hormonal regulation in pregnancy, mental level pregnancy and maternity, even birth perceptions can affect the mother psychologically negative or positive.

6. A Peaceful Pregnancy for Healthy Sleep

Nausea, vomiting, various aches, irritability, restlessness, irritability, crying seizures, communication problems with the close environment, sleeping disorders are frequently experienced during pregnancy, negative pregnancy process, negative conditioning of motherhood, complaints about being a woman. These complaints, which are experienced as mental reflections of the body, can be controlled by mental healing techniques.

7. Attention to Weight Loss to Lower Back Pain

If the increase in appetite is not controlled from 5th month onwards, fast weight gain and related diabetes risk, high blood pressure risk occurs. Regulation of diet removes waist and groin pain that develops in the coming months with weight control to put into practice the exercises that can be done in pregnancy.

8. Fear of Birth to Be Comfortable for the Last Month

In recent months, the greatest distress, especially in urban mothers, is the anxiety and fear of birth. As a result, sleep disorders, stomach, intestinal system complaints occur. In order to be able to spend this period peacefully and live the birth happily, mothers should flow their mental healing techniques with the birth fear that they have brought from the conscious past about what is and is not the birth of the mother. With the awareness that the birth aches are the learned aches, the mother should have a pleasant and painless birth.


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