7 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Sites

7 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Sites

One of the most important criterias of a website for many of us and our American Dream is SEO. However, the bazaar started to interfere with the market. Even if we are able to host thousands of users now, if our pages are not able to make the user experience… Experts in Google’s and user experience say that an internet user page will load between 500 ms and 2 seconds. From the user’s point of view, even 2 seconds goes “late”, but it seems to be acceptable.

If the loading of the pages takes longer than 2 seconds while the user is welcoming, the users turn away from the rice and break the spoons. Users who go back to Google will visit your opponent this time and shoot you with a domdom lead. Understand the opening time and response time of the internet site is an indispensable criterion in terms of both SEO and user experience. If we think that the most popular CMS system in our country is WordPress, there are many things you can do to improve the performance of your website. Here are some of them;

1- Using a Light Theme; Light Weight

Some lines of code in WordPress themes contain important code sales that undermine the page load speed. Prepared away from the long, clean code logic, the themes hinder the quick loading of your pages and add lemon to the user experience. The first things to see for a noticeable performance boost are on the bonnet, the theme itself.

  • Check the codes before buying or using a theme. Do not have code information? Then look at the comments.
  • Make sure the tempo you want to use is in the speed test of the demos. For speed testing, go to the services that are accepted, such as Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix. Also check the reliability of the proprietary speed tools, but make sure you get the right data.
  • If it is not too much trouble for you, develop your own template through Default WordPress templates. Default WordPress theme always comes out with its lightweight code for high performance.
  • The best performing WordPress themes are usually based on Genesis and Thesis Framework based themes. You can also keep this in mind when you get a theme.
  • If you already have a theme, go ahead and give it a try. If you do not have the experience, you can work with a webmaster to do it for you.

    2- Caching; Setup Not Elly!

    Caching is the process by which all pages on your site are converted to static web pages so that users do not have to send HTTP requests to your server. Cache is one of the first and foremost steps to free WordPress sites at the fastest speed.

    First of all you need to use a plugin that will keep your site alive and provide Cache structure. Attachments such as WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are the most preferred caching plugins. The most important thing to note when including Cache into your system is that fine-tuning has been done.

    How do you install and drop your SEO SEO add-ons if you are using sea tactics using phonic tactics will also provide cache add-ons. Find out what the configurations inside the plug-in you use will mean, how to use it, and what benefits it will bring to your site. Only in this way can you really benefit from a Cache plugin.

    If you have the opportunity, you can maximize the benefits of the caching system by purchasing Premium Cache extensions. Do not forget that the Cache plugin sold under each Premium name will not cause miracles.

    3- Use DNS Prefetch

    DNS Prefetch is not a label used by amateur users in the field of speed optimization. DNS Prefetch tag; this can be explained as the DNS resolution process of the browser before a link is extracted to the scanner. According to the technical sources, using Prefetch can get average speed advantage of 200 – 300 ms. This method, which is not useful for all links on your site, is often used when calling 3rd party JS files (such as AdSense, SEO tools, marketing tools and counters).

    In many scenarios, we may not know which file to download the first time a web browser that displays a site using a CDN starts the installation process. We can use DNS Prefetch to resolve DNS in advance.

    Example use of DNS Prefetch for Google Fonts

    Example use of DNS Prefetch for Google Analytics

    4- Remove Unnecessary Attachments and Heavy Attachments

    WordPress is a CMS that is deemed popular by the citizens of WordPress add-ons. Do you know that WordPress plugins can be as much friends as you are friends? Having too many attachments installed on your system means that too many requests are sent to the server. On the other hand, as the number of extensions you use increases, you will likely experience memory and security problems that you may experience.

    WordPress will only say to your site if you do not have this add-on, you can not beat it! Install the attachments you like.

    • Using Plugin Performance Profiler-like plugins, you can easily analyze which add-ons load your WordPress site, and change plug-ins you find with alternatives.
    • Try to minimize the extensions you use once or twice a month and only activate when you will use them. For extensions such as image compression, you can try using desktop or web application alternatives

      5- I Need to Keep the Blessings of the CDN

      You have absolutely heard the CDN. You might also consider using WordPress to improve its performance and the opening time of pages. The CDN allows content to be served from the data center closest to the user physically. CDN reduces the opening time of pages and provides effective protection in case your site is attacked with the help of security wall protections.

      Almost all popular and paid CDN services provide WordPress plugins. Even if you do not have installation knowledge, you can quickly install the CDN with the help of add-ons.

      6- Compress or Uncompress It That’s the Whole Issue!

      The lion’s share of the pages during loading is always in the hands of visual files. By compressing your visual files before uploading them to your site, you can save disk space and traffic bandwidth, allowing your site to load faster. You can use extensive software such as Adobe PS to compress your visual files. If your computer does not have a comprehensive photo editor, you can compress images using web-based applications. Do not forget to look at the comparative visual compression test we already shared;

      • It is also important that you know which visual type to use, as well as compressing the visuals. Where, When, and Why to Prefer JPEG, GIF, and PNG File Types? you can learn how to choose from popular visual extensions.

        7- You may have come in good-bye with the old revision files

      The swelling of your database indirectly affects the performance of your pages. In particular, revision drafts held in the database can cause your database to swell unnecessarily. When preparing your content on the WordPress panel, WordPress continuously records your actions on the backplane. If your Internet browser goes to a blind lead, you can turn this feature off completely or turn it off.

      Using the following code, you can reduce the revision limit to 5 minutes. You can add code wp-config.php file;

      define (‘AUTOSAVE INTERVAL’, 300); // seconds

      define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);

      You can use the following code to relieve the revision feature with a number limit. By using the code we use, we will fix the maximum revision content limit to 5;

      define (‘AUTOSAVE INTERVAL’, 300); // seconds

      define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 5);

      The trees remain seedlings, the seedlings become the forests, and there are revisions that occupy your database until now. You can use the WP Optimize plug-in, which is an effective add-on to delete all revisions.

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