7 Successful Entrepreneurs Say Old Ordinary Jobs and About

7 Successful Entrepreneurs Say Old Ordinary Jobs and About

Who wants to be a millionaire? More precisely, who would not want to be? Everything in this world is not money, but money is a lot, especially when you have a few million you can spend. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, promises to turn dreams into reality and have a few billion. With this hope, new entrepreneurs who are determined to work will want to know how they want to be when people are fighting for their dreams just like they are on the way.

A great list that will fill you with your determination to work with one of these people is just below you. Elon Musk, a new generation venture guru, Michael Dell, nailed the computer world, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and others who do not need a laptop while they work… What kind of job do you think they were before they won these qualifications?

#1- Jeff Bezos (McDonald’s Chauffeur)

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon’s famous e-commerce site, now has $ 34.7 billion in assets. Could you imagine that the man you once paid for the Hamburger menu could reach this caretaker? Who knows, maybe it could not even have happened.

“Working as a teenager in McDonald’s has added a lot to me. What I learned there was very different from what we learned in school. I can not tell you how valuable this is!”

#2- Elon Musk (Boiler Officer)

PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, making it the spoiled child of space. Iron Man ‘of modern times full of successes The net fortune of Elon Musk is now 21 billion dollars.

“You had to wear that disgusting outfit and barely fit into the small tunnel and clean it up. If you were more than 30 minutes, you could be burning hot.”

#3- Michael Dell (Dishwasher in Chinese Restaurant)

Michael Dell is the founder of Dell, a computer brand that serves both as a computer and a heater, burning your knees but never burning your wallet. Today’s fortune is $ 18.2 billion. It is interesting that despite all his wealth he still can eat Chinese food.

“The best part of my work was learning customer relationships. I still admire the excitement exhibited against the customer who entered the door every time. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most important things when I brought these studies to a different dimension.”

#4- Richard Branson (Love Bird Grower)

Richard Branson, who is one of Virgin’s founders and entrepreneurs, is currently $ 4.8 billion in net worth. Nice birds are welcome.

“I’m in contact with my best friend in the business of raising budgerigars. We noticed a big gap in the grocery store business and we evaluated it.”

#5- Mark Cuban (Door to Door Garbage Bags)

Internet entrepreneurs are not actively involved, but Mark Cuban is one of the rare successful characters in entrepreneurship. Mark Cuban’s current net income is $ 3.3 billion.

“When the door is running around the door trying to do the work, “Hello, are you using a garbage bag?” I’m asking the question. Who could give a no answer to this question! That’s the moment I learned to make sales.”

#6- Reed Hasting (Vacuum Machine Marketer)

The CEO of Netflix service, who falls in love with the television, marketed a vacuum cleaner before he caught up with Reed Hastings. The fortune he now has is $ 2.3 billion.

“Maybe it sounds weird on the ear but I really like it. It was always exciting to meet new and different people.”

#7- Marissa Mayer (Cashier)

Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s first employees and then succeeded in becoming Yahoo’s CEO, has recently experienced the most turbulent days of her career. Nevertheless, we believe that these are better than cashiers. Marissa Mayer’s fortune is $ 540 million.

“I learned how important speed is. You had to spend 40 minutes per minute in the express safe line during your 8-hour working day. ”

I do not have much to do with the old work except Elon Musk: Just as the old people have said, what should I do in this life, not what I should be thinking.

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