2016’s Most Beautiful Women Selected

2016's Most Beautiful Women Selected

People magazine choose the most beautiful women of the year 2016

The most beautiful woman of 2016: Jennifer Aniston

One of America’s most prestigious awards in the magazine field, “People’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman Award” was Jennifer Aniston this year. Aniston, 47, was voted ‘the most beautiful women of 2016’ by People.

When he received the news in an interview with the magazine, he stated that he was “just as proud of being young,” Aniston emphasized that his concept of beauty changed over the years.


Aniston; He added that his physical attractiveness did not matter so much as he began to recognize himself over the years, and he began to see the different beauties of mankind. ‘People pay to inject something into them. People are asking ‘What is the current trend?’ I learned to accept it as if I am myself.’


In 2004, Aniston was again named the most beautiful woman of the year by the People magazine.

The entire list selected by the readers of the magazine is as follows:

1) Jennifer Aniston
2) Reese Witherspoon
3) Sofia Vergara
4) Keke Palmer
5) Selena Gomez
6) Meagan Good
7) Carrie Underwood
8) Christina Milian

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