2 New Features Coming To Google AdSense!

2 New Features Coming To Google AdSense!

AdSense users know how strict your Google team is when it comes to ad violations. Despite Steel’s stern attitudes, Google AdSense’s steps towards unfair profit and policy violations were inadequate. As a matter of fact, Google will make the ad network as transparent and controlled as ever with 2 new layouts.

Over the past several months, uncontrollable Google’s YouTube ads have turned into an avalanche-growing boycott. Although important steps have been taken in the YouTube wing, we have not seen any significant changes in terms of AdSense for the Web. With 2 new features that Google will offer AdSense users, it will now make both the ad network better and protect the rights of advertisers and publishers better than ever.

Page-Level Policy Actions

2 New Features Coming To Google AdSense!

The first and new feature of Google’s AdSense ad network is page-level policy actions. So, if Google is no longer a publisher policy violation, it will stop showing ads for that page, instead of stopping ads on all floors, instead of stopping ads for that page.

Ads in the rest of the site will continue to show independently of the problematic page. Google AdSense will resort to terminating Google AdSense publishers’ accounts, as long as the opportunity to edit them is not used properly and policy violations on the page are not cleared despite warnings.

New Policy Center on the Road!

With the second change Google will make, we will be offering a new Policy Center for many of the top AdSense publishers. In the coming weeks, the new Policy Center and AdSense will become more transparent and users will be able to see exactly where they made the mistake when they performed policy flaws at the page level.

2 New Features Coming To Google AdSense!

Of course there is also a good part of the job; Google AdSense’s new policy center will walk you through steps like how to resolve policy issues. This is a chance to apply to Google AdSense and see what they are doing wrong for users who are rejected for policy reasons.

What do you think of Google AdSense’s transparency in Google AdSense?

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