13-Year-Old Child Hacking Google and Microsoft

13-Year-Old Child Hacking Google and Microsoft

Let’s start with a simple question; What were you doing when you were 13? In those years I think I was busy burying the classics. There is also Ahsan Tahir reflected on the world media. Ahsan Tahir, who lives in Pakistan’s Karachi city, is in the process of recruiting security systems of many world-class companies such as Google and Microsoft in their free time. (I think it’s still important to read classics)

Tahir is an “Ethical Hacker” that captures the small but dangerous system exploits of big corporations that make their cyber security skills speak into their bug bounty programs. Tahir’s security world adventure began about a year ago when he talked about himself and his future plans in his interview with NBC.

The reason Tahir’s first step in the world of cyber security is pretty familiar to us. One day when his personal website was seized by Internet hackers, he tried to scan and close exploits in his internet site. Afterwards, the idea that large corporations could make money by catching the exploits in this way began to seem reasonable to him.

Ahsan Tahir, who is a wonder in the world of security, is now one of the security consultants that even famous companies need. According to NBC interview, Tahir has not received any training or training to get the job done. YouTube videos, blog content, and books were more than enough to reveal cyber security capabilities.

13-Year-Old Child Hacking Google and Microsoft

Having managed to become the 13-year-old star of the Cuban security world, Tahir has helped companies like Google and Microsoft discover and exploit important vulnerabilities. Having taken the school and Hacking business together for now, Tahir says that he wants to work as a software engineer in the future and that the security world will be constantly involved.

A new world based entirely on technology is being established. From Apple to Microsoft, all technology giants are running Bug Bounty programs to make their systems completely secure. Depending on the system found, the award varies between 50 and 350 thousand dollars.

Okay classics are important, but if you have free time, you can think of this area as a gold bracelet:)

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