10 Reason Number Delay

10 Reason Number Delay

If you are trying to conceive, nothing it can not scare up pieces of delay. Total income pregnant and immediately to mind when I question the delay. So the only reason for the delay of the menstrual pregnancy sturdy? Here are the 10 most common reason for the lack of quantity or delay:

1. Stress

Stress can affect many things in our lives, including your menstrual period is also included. Sometimes a hormone that we have a lot of stress and tension in our GnRH name given to the body (hormones that stimulate the release of sex hormones) reduces the levels. The reduction in this hormone causes yeast to lack of ovulation or menstruation. We need to relax again to return to the old order and should be relaxation. In this case, talk to your doctor and work together to reduce your stress will be useful.

2. Disease

You had a sudden, short or long term illness can cause a delay in pieces. This is usually temporary. After recovering from the disease, your ads will enter the old order.

3. Changes in the daily schedule

Regular routine and make changes in the program may affect your biological clock. The reason for the delay menstruation, passing long hours at your workplace, you may be having sleepless.

4. Medicines you use

Do not start using a new and different drug, it may cause the delay or avoid ads. Talk about the side effects of the drugs that you use with your doctor. This is a common condition in some birth control method.

5. Being overweight

When you have too much weight, you can change your menstrual cycle can cause hormonal or stop completely. Many women return to their normal cycle and fertility, they lose some weight.

6. Being too weak

Our body fat is not sufficient, you may not have regular menstrual cycle or your ads may stop completely. This condition is called amenorrhea. Generally, the order number to get some weight allows the return to the past. In this case, extreme sports or professional athlete who makes the most common cause of menstrual delay experienced by women.

7. Miscalculation

The menstrual cycle can vary from woman to woman. Is said that the average menstrual cycle is 28 days, this does not apply to all women. Sometimes when you think that our delayed, you may notice that you are only miscalculated. If you know that your menstrual cycle is irregular ovulating and when, two weeks after the day you ovulate, you must wait for your period begins. You can track your menstrual cycle this way.

8. Menopause transition period

Perimenopause, the period of reproduction is the name given to you when you make the transition to being productive period. During this period pieces may be less or more or less frequently or infrequently you can be more pieces. If you do not want to get pregnant, it is beneficial to continue to use a method of birth control. Because fertility during this period are still present.

9. Menopause

Menopause is a period where you do now ovulation and menstruation. You can enter menopause in a natural way. But in this case, a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) can be realized by chemical means, such as surgery or chemotherapy.

10. Pregnancy

Finally! Yes, the reason for the delay of ads you may be pregnant. The reason for the delay of a simple pregnancy test pieces, will help you figure out whether the pregnancy. Urine and blood tests done to our bodies learned of the pregnancy hormone hCG (pregnancy hormone) controls whether.

So what do you do then?
If you are pregnant your doctor immediately or call your mother before birth (prenatal) should receive the appointment. May take some time for you to call the office, it will be useful for you to call them immediately.

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