10 Important Steps to Stop Smoking

10 Important Steps to Stop Smoking

According to the researches made worldwide; They are attempting to quit smoking for at least 10 or 12 times before releasing the cigarette. According to experts, after every attempt at learning new things about cigarettes, these experiments must be done absolutely and even if we can not quit smoking, we must believe that we can succeed in the next trial without breaking the moriman. Attempts to quit smoking are often tried with medicines or products that help to quit smoking. This is the right approach. It will be helpful to lighten the cigarette deprivation. We want to share 10 suggestions that you can use while you quit smoking.

1. Make List: Think about why you want to quit smoking and write to the listener. Calculate the money you spend on this list, mentioning the harms of the cigarette, so add the cigarettes to this list if the cigarette gives you bad sense. As you start to write, you will notice how long you are listening. Do not hesitate to add even the slightest details of your mind. This list is always on your side. Read this list again when you are asked to smoke. If your mind comes up with new stuff, add it to your list. Do not hesitate because of this list, maybe your friends or your community will be laughing at you, but it is better for you to cry after them. For this reason, the list is important. Do not ignore the list, do absolutely. You will see the benefit.

2. Do not Think to Reduce Smoking: You can not quit smoking little by little. Perhaps there are some of you who have succeeded in this way in your circle, but you can not. To quit smoking is to torture yourself. Reducing is simply the lack of nicotine that will last for days. For the rest of your smoking cigarettes, you only need a single branch of cigarettes a day. You will be deprived of vomit in order for this body to meet your nicotine needs.

3. Remove Smoke: Do not quit smoking anywhere you can. Throw away all your packages, even break the cigarettes inside and then throw them in the garbage. It’s stronger than you think. A single cigarette that you drink in an empty moment will infect you again in the same filth. So be sure not to be afraid and get rid of cigarettes.

4. Notify your network: Keep the people in your circle informed about the decision to quit smoking. Please ask them to support you during this process. The lack of nicotine can make you nervous and nervous. You can not collect your attention because you do not smoke. These situations are temporary. You can ask them to handle you for a week or two until the last minute. If they do not, get those people out of your life.

5. Change Your Environment: Every cigarette addiction is well known that besides alcohol, cigarettes are consumed too much. If you are not using alcohol, coffee or yada tea may show this effect. For this reason, stay away from the things that trigger this kind of cigarette as much as possible. Be patient. Avoid anything that will remind you of the cigarette during this time, which will only last for 2 weeks. Then you do what you want again. Go to the gym instead of going to the bar. It will be of great benefit to you when you practice habit of doing sports. Soon your body will recover in a short time. Your chances of gaining weight will increase after you quit smoking. You can get ahead of it by doing sports.

6. Breathing Exercise: The first days without smoke will be very difficult. The desire to smoke will come and go all the time. When this desire arrives and you can not stand it, breathe deeply 5 times. This will be good for you. Deep breathing allows us to take in plenty of oxygen in our body, which will comfort us by putting happiness horns on board.

7. Abundant Fruit Consumption: Fruit meals helps us to get the vitamins that our bodies need and also helps us to get rid of the bad effects of cigarette smoking. We can suppress this request by eating fresh seasonal fruity when we want to smoke. In addition, it will be very healthy if you do not mind weight.

8. Money is a Good Reason: Health problems are one of the biggest damages of cigarettes and also one of the most important reasons why we quit smoking. But there is another big truth that is material. Smoking is a really expensive habit. You will be saved from a great financial burden as well as with quitting smoking. Put the money you put in a cigarette in a box, like a piggy bank, while you stop smoking. As days go by, you will see how much savings you make. This will motivate you.

9. And the Reward Time: If you succeed in not smoking for a week, you are now doing a great deal of work. Buy a gift for yourself with the money you have accumulated, eat yada. Do not hesitate to spend that money already, it will not be your money. You can set your next target as 2 weeks.

10. Was not it this time? Did not you succeed in dropping the cigarette this time? Do not worry. Do not feel guilty. This is what you try to add. Do not get tired of trying until you try to quit smoking completely. Think about what you did wrong and where you started again and do not fall into the same mistake the next time.

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